My Favorite Posts

I realized that some of my favorite posts are hidden way back in the archives, so I thought I’d put together a list of the most popular posts and my favorites.

Here goes:

The Shades of Freyja

The Case for a Dancing Heathenry, Part I (Part II, Part III)

On Having an Interfaith Relationship

On Planning a Pagan Wedding

And how it turned out: On my wedding

On Bullying Newbies, Lore Thumping, and Viking Warriors

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Posts

  1. I am just delighted to have found your blog via Hex, being new to heathenry I knew that it was right for me but was/am finding the culture a little too male/warrior/ intellectually driven for my taste. I had only last week decided I needed to walk my own path however that looked when low and behold I come across your lovely slant on heathenry.
    Reading your posts has been a series of ‘Oh my gosh, me too’ moments. The first being that you chose ‘Down to the river to pray’ during your wedding (BTW Congratulations, I hope you have a lifetime of love and laughter). Of course I don’t know the how or why of your choosing this song only that when starting out I truly missed/ desired? Song in my worship so I took this song, tweaked the lyrics, and use it each time I went to our creek to worship.
    As I went down to the river to pray studying about the good old ways and blessed be the goddess (gods) and me oo oo show me the way
    Oh sisters lets go down lets go down don’t you want to go down ….etc etc
    *A little too wiccan the ‘blessed be’ but until I can find something better …ideas?
    The second OMG, was your addition to the Nine noble virtues of love. Personally I had added gratitude/joy but maybe these concepts spring from the same well? regardless the fact that another person has also felt the virtues were missing something was a lovely validation for my current musings.
    A heathen friends wife often remonstrate him with ‘more Nature, less Nietzsche’ and that ‘spring is honoured when you feel the earth warming and not on a certain calendar date’. She herself cannot profess a true belief in the gods and goddesses but I feel that she perhaps has a better feel or understanding for the essence of heathenry as I understand it, or maybe more honestly put how I wish it to be 
    There were many other OMG moments in your writings, so please keep posting and dancing.
    Thank you

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, leanne. Hex has some very good writers, and I am not the only one who would like there to be more emphasis on beauty and nature and less on warriors. There are others out there, but it does sometimes feel like we are few and far between.

      I have often found the down in the river to pray song very spiritually nourishing. And why can’t the “good old ways” be the heathen ones? Another idea I had was to change the words of the “sinners” verse to “sprits” or something, since obviously sinners are irrelevant to heathenry.

      I don’t know that I would take the Nine Noble Virtues as is and just add love, that was just a thought on the types of things I think they are missing. There are Nine Vanic Virtues floating around the internet somewhere – – that get at what I think are true and good virtues better. Even so, I don’t know how I feel about the idea of a codified list of values like that, I think it seems too much like an attempt to make a folk religion look more like a revealed one.

      I like that “More Nature, less Nietzsche” thing. Thank you so much for your comment.


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