I am a professional dancer and a devotee of Freyja and Sif.


Twin–my twin sister. We live together, and I love her dearly.

Gent–my husband. We’ve been together for more than 9 years. We started dating when I was 16 and he was 17, and we were long distance for five years, beginning in 2005. He’s truly wonderful. Twin lives with us, too. I love him very much. He’s a Christian, but we’re basically the same philosophically speaking.

Freyja–the goddess around whom this whole pagan thing revolves for me. She is the one who has been there all along, whose passion inspires me deeply, and whose love guides my life. She is the one who makes my flame bloom.

Sjofn–a fairly obscure goddess who I do not believe is one of Frigg’s handmaidens. Instead, I’m pretty sure she’s Sif. She tends to like Baroque decor and romance and tea and masks. I love Sif for her myth of hair loss, which I relate to because of my Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease whose only physical symptom is hair loss.

Mama Earth–she is our Mama, and we live thanks to her. She is beautiful and terrifying, among many other things.

Other, non pictured spiritual characters that frequent my life are Holda, the landwights, the seasons, and the sunset.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello There! I am writting a book on Living our Faith, how people honour and work with heathen gods, I would be very interested in getting an article or perhaps reprint of your article on Freyja!

    I found it very interesting, and would like to include it! Let me know if you would be interested. A contract is available for all contributors and we can on occassion offer free copies to contributors.

    Please contact me asap!

    • Thanks for the honesty! I’ve been dealing on and off for 3 years with AA. Shots almost every 2 weeks. It started to get worse on my scalp 😦 I’m at the moment trying onion juice which I read a study helps but man, it stinks! I’m thinking of going on prednisone. Is it really that bad? I’ve not heard of anthralin and will ask my dermo next week.
      Good to know I’m not alone.

      • I think it depends on the person with the prednisone. Personally, it gave me really bad abdominal pain, ovarian cysts, and affected my mood pretty seriously. But I’m also very small and susceptible to medications. So I guess it depends on you.

          • I have gotten some small patches each winter for the last three years. But they don’t stress me out anymore–I just put the anthralin on them and they grow back in the spring. They haven’t done the huge cascade of spot after spot that they did the first year, so it’s much better.

  2. This is one of the most beautiful websites I have ever seen~I found it searching for images of Freyja for a class. Good work. You have a gift. Take care of yourself.

  3. I am a dancer currently in college who is also pagan. I found it very exciting to see that there is another one out there. I would love to see some of your choreography as I tend to choreograph pagan-inspired pieces as well, though I do choreograph them in in a very subtle way.

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