Kansas City Shooting

I am very upset about the news of the Kansas City shooting. I have family there. And then there’s the fact that reports are saying the perpetrator was an Odinist, which is just awful.

Heathens United has started a fund for the victims, and I hope my readers will consider contributing. It can be found here.

Also, I’m not sure I have ever publicly stated my stance on the racist asshole/folkish/universalist issue here, so here it is:

I am opposed to racism. It is wrong to tell someone they cannot be a follower of my gods due to factors such as skin color.

Why instead are we not telling assholes who go around shooting people at community centers that they are not welcome because they bring dishonor to us?



3 thoughts on “Kansas City Shooting

  1. It’s a sad truth that extremism and bigotry, particularly against people of different faiths and practices are a hallmark of Heathenry and Odin worship in particular. Certainly not all Heathens are racists or bigots, but the overwhelming majority I’ve encountered are to some considerable extent. Modern Heathenry has simply changed the model of WHO it’s ok to be bigoted towards, rather than move away from a model of hate towards other.

    • It’s true. Hatred is so common in our communities, and I just honestly don’t understand it. I just honestly cannot bring myself to care enough what other people do in order to hate them because we disagree. But I did once almost have a relationship with Odin, only to distance myself in the end because I did not believe he would be a good influence on my life, even if he is for others.

  2. This was terrible. It’s unfortunate that bigotry finds a home in some Heathen groups. I think this stems from two main problems that are unavoidable. First is the Nazi stain on all things Germanic. It attracts people with bigotry in their hearts already. They don’t bother to study history or lore. Second, the early Asatru movement in the US was very influenced by some people in Texas who had some racist ideas they turned into Folkism. Now the AFA and people like Stephen McNallen go around vomiting terrible debunked science – some with origins in Nazi research – and pretend they’re not being racist. They are simply doing what white people only can do.
    All these clowns forget something very important. The lore and history! Our forebears were explorers, and there is ample evidence they welcomed outsiders into their tribes and spiritual rites. Outlaws were excluded. The lore is full of tales of the Jotun, Vanir, and Aesir sharing drink, tables, and beds with each other. All in between were part of the tales as well. The Tree is that which binds ALL worlds together. The Wells and flow of waters between them is for all inhabitants of the tree. ALL.
    The Gods call who they call. What right does any man have to tell a person no based on skin pigment? We all have common ancestors when you go back far enough.
    I often wonder if the Nazis had been Greek or Italian, would the Hellenic or Roman recons have this problem instead of us?

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