On Thor and Sif and Lofn

Lofnbard and I have been have a really fun speculative conversation regarding Sif (who, you may recall I believe is also Sjofn) and Lofn’s relationship, as well as Sif’s relationship to Thor in the comments section of my recent post “On the ‘handmaidens,’ my distate for the term, and Sif.” Ya’ll should go check it out.

The gist is that Lofnbard and I both had the UPG that Sjofn likes tea as an offering, and she had stories about Sjofn’s past, so we’re speculating about their lives. We seem to have come up with Sjofn and Lofn having come from the Ljoss-Alfar, but had a difficult time and ended up in Asgard (you’ll have to go to her blog and read her stories of their pasts. They are very interesting.) The two are lovers, but then Sjofn ended up marrying Thor, and she helps to calm down his storminess with her loving peacefulness. She seems to do something similar for Lofn.

Go check it out, and add your thoughts to the discussion.

*Obligatory UPG disclaimer. None of this is from the Lore even a little bit.