Happy Vanadis Day!

Here it is Vanadis Day again, and this year I decided to give the Lady a gift for her day.

As I’ve mentioned here before, lately, I’ve been lately taking ugly old clothes from the thrift store and turning them into cute clothes. Which, in general, I think is more up Sif’s alley than Freyja’s, what with Sif turning the mind to love and getting beautiful hair out of losing it all and all that. But Freyja would obviously never turn down a pretty dress. 

So the other day, I went to the thrift store with the express purpose of purchasing the ugliest red dress I could find to make Freyja’s dress out of. And boy, did the thrift store ever deliver on that.

red dress before front

red dress back beforeOh, where to start? The ugly sleeves, the weird womb triangle, the pleats around the womb triangle. 

We had a couple of snow days this week (Hey, Holda!), and so I spent one of them taking apart almost every piece of this dress except the neckline and making a whole new dress, which of course makes me feel like dancing for Freyja in a dress for Freyja:

red dress after 1 red dress after 2 red dress after 3 red dress back after

Hail Freyja, the wife of Odh, the beautiful Vanadis!

Hail to she who makes tears sparkle with her magic!

Hail Freyja, falcon-flier, who grants passion and beauty in all of our days, who gave me my husband and my faith, enjoy this dress on this day filled with the lovers’ embrace.

Happy Vanadis Day!


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