On our new home

It’s been a whirlwind of a month since I last posted. I visited the inlaws for Thanksgiving, spent three days with a sick and teething baby, caught the flu, moved 800 miles, decorated our new place, went home to visit my parents and my husband’s parents for Christmas, watched my husband get a job, signed up for health insurance, watched some of my hair fall out (we’re on year three of alopecia falling out in the fall/winter), met new dancers, flew back to Philadelphia to go to my former employer’s company party, and am evaluating what I want out of my career now that I’m in hiatus.

Goodness, everything is different now. No wonder there was no time for blogging.

I’m set up in Charlotte now, and I’m trying to learn about the land here. Of course I’m not all the way familiar with it yet, but I’m doing my research. Charlotte is in the Piedmont region, which is French for “foot of the mountain.” It’s interesting because in Alabama where I am from, my parents’ house is in the “foothills of the Appalachians,” which are the final ridges of the mountain range. But my husband’s parents’ house, which is 20 miles away, is in the Piedmonts. The piedmont region is a plateau between the Appalachian mountains, which have my heart, and the coastal plains. I’m not sure how I feel about the piedmont region. I love it in Alabama, and it turns out Philadelphia is also in the same region. So at least I’m not moving to an entirely different land. It’s hotter here, of course. But still, I will always miss those mountains.

So I was reading up on the Piedmont region, and I learned that it was formed when North America split off from Africa in the end of Pangaea, when the stretching caused the formation of a basin that was later filled in by sediment from the eroding mountains. That explains why our soil is so clay-like. I’ve decided to joke that we’re living on top of one of Mother Earth’s stretch marks.

Charlotte is nice so far. All the dancers seem to be very welcoming and accepting. The people here are so nice. I’ve gotten involved (online at least) with a group of heathens from around here, and hopefully I will meet them soon.