First Wedding Anniversary

This weekend my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It was a lovely day. We went mini golfing and rode a carousel downtown. We made a delicious dinner and drank the last bottle of the wine we bought for our wedding and ate our year-old cake. It was nice.

One of the things we talked about was what has changed in this past year. And a lot of things have. We have concrete plans to move away that we didn’t before. My name is different. I feel very at peace with where we are in our relationship instead of worrying that the labels available were insufficient. We started going to a druid grove, which has been nice. In that respect, it seems as if everything has changed in this year. For the first time in my life, we are regularly spending time around people who share my interest in nature religion, and even though I’m not quite a Druid (I am unfortunately clueless about the grove gods, for instance) and my husband is definitely not a druid (being as how he’s a Lutheran), I think it’s been really good for our marriage for us to go to these weekend events every six weeks or so. We haven’t gone to all of them because of scheduling, but I think he understands paganism now in a way that he didn’t before. Even I understand it in a way I didn’t before. I never had worship partners beyond my sister and my husband humoring me and joining me for the Dumb Supper and the bonfire for Yule and berry picking on the summer solstice. It’s beginning to feel to me as if paganism is a real religion instead of this silly thing I do by myself in my head.

I do hope we can find a group we like once we move. It’s so nice to have that fellowship.