Crafty Time!

Apparently Spring has me feeling crafty, since this is the second time I’ve posted a crafty post in early May

Lately I’ve been inspired by ReFashionista to make some of my old clothes new again.

It started when I was cleaning out my closet and came up with the perfect way to fix a dress that had been sadly sitting in my mending pile, but that was beyond saving, really. It’s this cute red and black polka dotted dress that has sentimental value because I wore it in one of my first modern dance shows ever. 


Here it is modeled by my lovely twin sister. I had already started when this picture was taken. The top of the dress didn’t originally have that black strip, but I put it there because the whole neckline and straps were ruined by an ugly edging the costume department had put on it. But, a t-shirt I was going to donate came to the rescue!





I liked the neckline and shoulders of the tshirt, but not the shape of the body. So I cut off the bow, which I used to edge the neckline of the dress, cut down the middle front, chopped it off, and did some stitching and finagling, and ended up with this dress which I wore to the Maypole this weekend: 




Next Up: My sister needed a jacket to wear with a peplum dress to a fancy fashion show. I said I could do it for super cheap. We went to our local thrift store, and bought this awful jacket for $4:


But I liked the collar. First thing I did was take in the sides and the sleeves, but it still didn’t fit right, so I added a seam straight down the back. Then I chopped off the bottom, hemmed it, and it was finished! Not bad for $4!



BUT! If you’ve ever been taught to sew, you know they tell you to keep your fingers away from the needles. KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM THE NEEDLES!

Yesterday, I was taking some halter dresses of mine and making them into regular straps since I don’t like halters. And LOOK AT WHAT I DID:


Straight through my finger. So of course, we had to go to the ER, where they said I was their most interesting case of the day. They took an X-ray and found that the needle was broken, not bent (thank goodness!). So they numbed me up and pulled it out, gave me a tetanus shot, and sent me on my way. To be honest, the easiest ER visit of my life. And plus, I looked totally rad in my no-longer-a-halter dress:



And despite the (not really that bad, honest!) injury, I can’t wait for my finger to heal so I can get back to fixing up my clothes.


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