A Dream

I’ve just woken up from one of the deeper, more memorable dreams I’ve had in quite some time. For background information, Husband and I have gone to a druid group lately (Yule and Imbolc. We skipped the Equinox), which  featured in this dream. Also my alopecia has been getting worse again.

We are at the Grove house, and redecorating. The house is surrounded by mossy trees, and one seems to be crossing the living room. I am crawling up and down it as I help decide on upholstery fabrics and wallpapers for the house. I go outside, and get on a rocket with my husband and my sister, and fly to outer space. I am looking out the window of the spacecraft, looking down at the Earth, and it doesn’t look like a blue marble like everyone says it does. It looks like an eye, the way when you look deep into someone’s eyes they no longer look glassy and smooth, but there are ridges and valleys in the irises, and the pupil really looks like a hole. I’m looking down at the Earth my home and am surprised by it’s depths. The way the land spikes up with tall trees, and the whole thing is capped in beautiful swirling clouds. The Earth is deeper than I had imagined. On the spacecraft is a gym, where a dance performance is going on. I go to watch. Toward the end of the piece, each member of the audience is asked to stand and face the wall, and dancers come to dance around us. But as the dancers get to me, I find another giant bald spot on my head, and so when the dancers dance around me, instead of dancing with them, I just curl in a ball on the floor and sob. When the piece is over, one of my old dance teachers from college, who is a witch, appears to critique the dancers. She tells me that I am too far inside myself.

It’s been a long time since I’ve awoken from a dream like that. One that begs to be understood. But I guess what it’s saying is that I can see the depth of the world through a religious community, and that focusing just on myself and dancing and crying about my alopecia isn’t helping. I’m going to keep going to the grove. I need a religious community to push me outside of myself, that can help me see the Earth for what it is.

2 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. My Dear One,
    Your dream conveys that there are deeper issues going on inside you. In your reference to earth, you are seeking a connection to your physical body, however you are missing some “spots”—namely one large spot…your mother. You seek to separate yourself from your earthly mother feeling that she stifles “who you are” yet, all the while choosing a religion which at its source is to honor, respect and learn from Mother Earth as well as the personal responsibility between ourselves and Her. One help for your body is to express gratitude to your mother for giving birth to you and raising you in such a way that you are able to dis-cover yourself and who you truly are. The rift between you two no persistence, arguments, or convincing will show to prove who is ultimately right. This is a source of contention between you two which has served to dim the love you share. In truth, neither of you are right because it is not up to you to decide what is right for another, but at the same time you both are right for you each have found a significant way to connect with your own spirit inside. Now in honor of Mother Earth choose to show honor to your earth Mother by simply choosing to not allow this issue between the two of you. In your mind, agree to disagree and in your heart make peace within yourself so your health can be restored. I have the same issue with someone very close to me and have discovered (after 10 years of “discussion”) words will never solve our issue. So, anytime the subject comes up I simply cut it off and dismiss it as unnecessary and move on to things where we get along. Fondest of wishes…Joy

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