The Dreaded Climate Change Depression

I’ve been spending way too much time this week reading terrifying news articles about how it’s too late for climate change. 

There are only two more years until there is predicted no ice in the Arctic in summer, and the news story there is that it’s opening new lines for shipping.

All the governments of the world claim they want to have 2 degrees of warming, but scientists are already thinking we’ll be well past that by mid-century.

The permafrost is melting, which is releasing all kinds of its own greenhouse gases, which we can’t put back.

I’m feeling depressed about it. And mad. I want to do something, but what can really be done at this point? Our entire society needs to be completely dismantled. Yesterday.

Ugh. I’m doing my little parts, but I don’t know how to do anything radical enough to approach the problem. I’m getting my food from a local farmstand, learning to grow vegetables in my windows, walking home from work, taking public transit. But still, I rely so heavily on the systems that are the problem, and I can’t extricate myself from them, and they are showing no sign of changing.


One thought on “The Dreaded Climate Change Depression

  1. I suffer from this kind of depression as well. Worried about what kind of life potential future children will have. Worried about everyone and everything. There are so many problems in the world, and there doesn’t see to be a single government who are doing anything about them. I wonder if they understand what kind of game they’re playing when they’re not prioritizing the enviroment, which is basically a synonym for “life of the earth.”

    I’m guessing that the human species will find a way to extinguish ourselves within some time.

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