Alopecia, all the gory details

Almost half of the search terms linking to my blog these days are some variation of “I have a bald spot on my head.” So I’ve decided to suck up my pride in hiding all the details of this journey, and write the post I was looking for back when I was the one typing those very search terms into google almost 10 months ago.


So, without further ado, all the gory details of my hair loss journey.

To begin with, if you have a bald spot and are one of the people finding my blog by searching these terms, please go see a doctor. And don’t stop going until you get it fixed. No matter what is causing your bald spot, it’s not something to mess around with, and it’s not something that can be treated without prescriptions. I should know–I lost my health insurance for three months of this journey, after a misdiagnosis. And even though the medicine wasn’t working and my bald spots kept getting bigger and more numerous, I didn’t go to the doctor for three months while I waited for my new insurance to kick in. I am convinced that if I had gone to a dermatologist as soon as I read an article online about Alopecia Areata and knew my diagnosis was wrong, I am sure it would never have gotten as bad as it did.

Okay, without further ado, in chronological order:

During the last week of August, 2011, I was in the midst of a very stressful time in my life. I hated my job, I was producing my very first professional performance of my own choreography and all the associated stressors, I was performing in another show for which last minute three-hour rehearsals were being called every day, I lived in a really shitty house and worked in a gross warehouse, and I was just generally stressed out of my mind.

During one of those three hour rehearsals, I noticed a tiny bald patch on the top of my head, right where my bangs met the rest of my hair. I assumed it was traction alopecia, otherwise known as “ballerina baldness” from wearing my hair in buns all the time, started parting my hair to hide it, and went on with my life.


But it kept being bigger. On September 3rd, my boyfriend and I went away to celebrate our eighth anniversary, and I felt kind of gross because I had a pretty significant bald spot on my head. I kept parting my hair to cover it. He proposed to me, and I was on top of the world, but it only added to my stress. And the bald spot kept getting bigger.

On September 26, I got up to go to work, and noticed how big it had gotten (this was the day of the photograph above) and worried about it as I prepared for the day. I left for work, and then realized I had left my purse locked in my house. I had to sit outside my gross warehouse for almost three hours before my boss got my message and came to let me in. I knew that if I was worried enough to lock my purse in my house, it was time to see a doctor.


I went to see my primary care physician at the beginning of October. He told me I had ringworm, and that that was weird for someone of my age for causing baldness. Usually only children get ringworm on their scalp. I assumed I had gotten it from doing headstands in the park. He prescribed me an antifungal (griseofulvin), which I had filled and I started to take. It didn’t seem to work, but he told me it would be 4-6 weeks before I could be guaranteed for it to look better.

At this point, I had an obvious gap in my hairline no matter how I parted my hair. So I started wearing headbands every day. None of the ones I had were wide enough to hide all that, so I cut some out of some spare fabric I had lying around the house. By this point I was also crying pretty much every day about how hideous I was, and how scared I was that my hair would never come back.

The week I went to the doctor, I also changed jobs and my former employer cancelled my insurance without waiting for the month to end, which meant I wouldn’t have insurance for almost two months until December 1st.

Three weeks later or so, I realized the bald spot was still growing. I looked back at the picture from September to the picture from October and it was so obviously worse. I called my Dad and cried to him, and he didn’t believe me that it really was that much worse until  I emailed him the two pictures. And then he was really worried aobut me. I called the doctor the next day to figure out what was going on. He realized he had put me on the pediatric dose of the medicine, apologized, called in a dose three times as strong, and assured me that it would start getting better soon.


During November, I was uninsured. Every day, I would stare at the mirror, willing myself to see new hair. And I kept convincing myself I was getting new hair, thanks to the exclamation point hairs that Alopecia Areata causes. They basically look like  the new hair that sprouts after you shave your legs. Only they’re brittle, so every time I scratched the bald spot, I would have these little hairs break off onto my fingernails. Add that to the fact that I was afraid I was spreading ringworm around, and I tried my hardest never to scratch the top of my head. So I kept thinking that my new hair was coming in, but then my bald spot kept being bigger.

Later on in the month, I was scratching a spot behind my ear, and I realized it felt like the spiky hairs that kept on showing up on top. I couldn’t see it in the mirror at work, so as soon as I got home, I ran to the bathroom with my handheld mirror, and looked, and, sure enough, a second bald spot.

I went down and sat on the stairs, sobbing as hard as I maybe ever have because at that moment, it hit me that I really could lose all of my hair, and that if I had a second bald spot, it meant that the ringworm was spreading and I was disgusting and that my life sucked. My fiance walked in the house and was instantly worried about me, and I told him I had a second bald spot, and he held me, and then we realized we needed to check to make sure that they were the only two. They weren’t.There were six.

I called the doctor the next day, again to figure out what was going on. He said that he was sure the new spots had actually come about while I was on the pediatric dose, that he really did think I  had ringworm, and that if it didn’t get better relatively soon, I should see a dermatologist.

At this point, I kind of  thought he was crazy. But I went ahead and took the pills every day, hoping it would get better, and despairing that it never did. I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist for right after I got insurance. I scoured the internet for information, and one day, while reading about ringworm causing baldness, I happened on an article that said “Not to be confused with Alopecia Areata.” I started googling, and I was completely sure I had Alopecia Areata. Everything I read sounded like what I was going through: sudden hair loss in defined patches, exclamation point hairs around the edges where the patches were growing, multiple patches, no itchiness or redness or tenderness or really any sensation out of the ordinary of any kind, a family history of autoimmune diseases (no one that I know of has had alopecia, but they have had arthritis and crohn’s disease). I knew I had alopecia with a clarity I have rarely known in my life.


As December began, I started noticing that the spot on top was no longer completely smooth bald. It had these soft, fuzzy white hairs growing in that were completely invisible unless the light hit them at just the right angle. I was nervous about going to the dermatologist. I knew she was going to diagnose me with Alopecia Areata, and I knew that in some ways, I would feel better about it than I did with ringworm. It would make me feel less disgusting because Alopecia is something that just kind of happens and is nobody’s fault, whereas being an adult with six bald spots from ringworm made me feel like the least hygenic person in the world. But on the other hand, alopecia can come back at any time in your life, and you never know what is going to happen, if it will all come back and fall out again, if it will all fall out and never come back again, or anywhere in between.

So I went to see her, and she did, in fact, tell me I had alopecia. I sobbed. She said I could use topical steroids and see if they would help, I could take oral prednisone to make my hair come back, or she could give me some steroid injections to make it come back. My grandma was once on oral prednisone for her lungs and always talked about how horrible that was, so that was definitely out. With all my crying, she decided we should to the topical steroids and the injections. She gave me about fifteen injections in the big patch on top and a few more in the patch on the middle back before she ran out of how much she could give me in one day. She set another appointment for a month, and as she was walking out of the room said, “It will grow back. It grows back 99% of the time, and you’re not that special.”

I stopped taking as many pictures because I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

A few weeks later, as I was leaving to go home for Christmas, I realized there was another tiny bald spot growing in what was left of my bangs. I cried through the entire trip home. But, a week before my next appointment, and right before I left my parent’s house, suddenly, mercifully, my hair started to come back. A dark ring appeared around the big patch on top. It turned that sort of green color that happens when pale people with dark hair shave, when you can see dark hair through the skin. I cried and I cried and I cried. Could this really be the end?


It started to come in, but I also got a whole bunch more spots. By the time I went to my appointment at the beginning of the month, I had the six big spots and a bunch of little tiny ones bringing the total to 22. The doctor told me I had to take the prednisone since she couldn’t give me enough shots to deal with all my patches. Yikes. I took it. I got sick and I hated it. But I was only on it for two weeks, and I got through it. And then, all my hair started to grow back! I was overjoyed. The spot on top was still just a weird ring of new hair instead of a full patch like I expected.

I was surprised with how it started growing in. It would be that thin white hair for a little while and then the color came back. I had sort of expected that it would come back with kind of blunt ends. But they weren’t, and it was really soft and fuzzy. For each patch there were three or four days where all I wanted to do was rub it because it was so soft.


Things kept getting better in February-May. My new hairs were growing in, but that weird middle part of the top kept not coming back. For a while, I had so few long bangs that I looked ridiculous with my headband, so I cut myself some combover bangs and kept them under the headband for a while. Then my tiny bangs started growing back, and eventually they got long enough that I had tiny bangs, and I sort of felt like I looked like a hipster Audrey Hepburn. But eventually it started to really bother me that that one weird little spot on top just wouldn’t go in. And after five straight months of steroid injections, I came to believe they weren’t going to help. But all the other spots were coming back, and I had twenty-two weird tufts of hair that stuck out in weird directions sometimes. But at this point, other than the length and that top spot and the middle back which also hasn’t come back all the way, the rest of my spots looked exactly like the rest of the hair. If it wasn’t for the difference in length, I wouldn’t have been able to find them anymore.


Which brings us to now. The picture shows about what it’s looked like for the last several months, where my recovery seemed stalled. It looks gray like that because of all the weird white hairs growing in the bald area. When I went to the doctor in May, she stopped giving me the steroid shots and started me on anthralin. It’s itchy and turns my skin brown, which is actually an excellent side effect because it makes it practically impossible to see my bald spot through my crooked bangs. It’s itchy in a way I can only compare to a serious sunburn–it hurts more to itch it than it does to leave it alone and feel like scratching it might help. I’m wearing it almost 24/7. I also bought some hair dye and dyed the white hairs, and the whole thing looks much hairier now, so I’m really glad I did it.

I’ve been on the anthralin for almost three months now, and I definitely do feel like I’m starting to see a difference. But it’s kind of messy and gross. It makes my skin flake off in these huge brown chunks almost every other day. It makes my shower dirty because it stains all the skin cells, so I have to wash my shower way more often. I had to get a shower curtain liner because it was starting  to stain my shower curtain.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have, but I’m willing to answer any questions. If you’re googling looking for information on your baldness, please let me know if there is something you want to know about the experience of all of this that I haven’t covered. I want to help.

And, seriously, GO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST. The earliest appointment you can get.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016: Hi everyone. It’s been four years since I made this post. At present I have no bald spots. Since I wrote this post, each winter except one I have gotten one bald spot that got to around an inch in diameter, in a different place each time. When one pops up, I start to use the anthralin on it, and it fills in by spring. I have made my peace with alopecia, it is no longer anywhere near as painful or traumatic as it was to me that first year, and it has never gotten as bad again. Time really has helped.

I no longer maintain this blog, and every once in a blue moon I will sign in and see all the comments waiting to be approved, and then I feel bad because I know how desperate you can be for answers. Please don’t ask me to answer questions–it is very likely to be months before I see any responses. Instead, go to Alopecia World, which is a forum for people with alopecia. You will be able to get answers to your questions much faster, and you will find a community of people who are going through the same thing.

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  1. Thank you for posting this – you should feel very proud, and brave putting these pictures out there for the world to see. I know it took a lot of guts for me to post mine!

    Glad things are getting better for you – it’s a long road, and you’re lucky to have your fiancé there for support through it all!

    • I first noticed a bald spot end of April, 2012 after coming home from a vacation. I don’t know why I never noticed it before. Here today, gone tomorrow as they say. I was truly devastated.. Call me vain, but I just could not believe it. I too cried and cried and cried. I never said anything to anyone for at least a month. Then I told my son. My husband after 3 months. I was totally embarrassed, scared, in total panic and sick to my stomach. My doctor told me about Rogaine. I started it immediately, twice a day. I also started to get cortisone shots (kenalog). After about 7 months my hair started to grow. It is now thick and full. (Still using rogaine)
      Now it has happened again. Dec 21st, 2013, I felt a smooth spot on the right side of head. This one is larger . I totally panicked. I am so scared. Immediately started the Rogaine and cortisone shots the next day. Scares me to look at it. So far I can cover it with the rest of my hair, but I still know it’s there. Can’t stop dwelling on it. I don’t know what I will do if it gets worse.
      Everyone say’s it’s okay, don’t worry. Easy for them to say. But then again what can they say? Guess I have to grin and bear it and hope the cortisone helps.
      It has been very nice to speak to someone that knows what I am going through. Not much support out there. I always say I wish I could speak to someone that is in the same dilemma. Now I have.
      Thank you for listening.

      • Remember how strong and kick-arse you were last time. You will get through this. And have faith in whatever power you believe in that it WILL grow back.

        You’ve so got this.

        It might not work for you, but I do find comfort in knowing that it is just hair, and it’s not a sign of something worse. Something life threatening. Literally the worst thing that will happen is I will lose all my hair and have to wear a wig. And there are GORGEOUS wigs available these days. Might even get to go blonde!

      • I don’t know if you will ever read this, or if your hair has grown back or not… I am a 27 year old woman and I lost 75% of my hair last year due to some medication. It was scary. At first I was curious, dare I say excited to see what would happen next with the first smooth and almost unnoticeable bald spot, but the more and more hair that fell out, the worse my emotional state became. I didn’t know why it was falling out, and this scared me the most.

        Toward the end of the whole ordeal I checked into a hospital for a couple of nights. I needed a rest for my brain, and to deal with the hair loss and the damage it does to ones self esteem as well as the burning questions (if the particular case of hair loss is a virtual mystery), especially if not talked about.

        The best thing you can do is talk to people. If you feel more comfortable, get a wig, I did (I am 28, and single, and felt very, very self-conscious as I think we all do during something like this). That said, talk to a doctor, your husband or son or friends, or even people on a message board. Much love to you and support. x

    • Hi I really appreciated flameinbloom for telling your story. Can anyone tell me on hear have any of your dermatologists asked you to get your ferritin (iron store) levels checked? The normal range is anywhere between 12 – 150 but my dermatologist insists that it has to be at least 80 for normal hair growth. Mine was 18 when I had it checked so am now on high dose of iron. If anyone has had it checked I would be interested to know readings and also if some people with high readings still suffer from Alopecia?

  2. thank you for posting your story. I was diagnosed with Alopecia on monday (3 days ago) however it was only by my PCP (primary care physician) therefore I am still “hoping” its something else…even if its ringworm 😉 I only have one patch (about 2 inches in diameter) its easy to cover up and (fingers crossed) I hope it stays that way. I appreciate your honesty though, all I feel like I can really find is “hope for the best, no cure, no reason it happens, steroid shots may or may not help” and it all makes me feel just pretty darn sad about what may or may not happen to my hair. I have 2 upcoming dermatology appts which I am hoping give me a more definite feeling of whether its alopecia or not. I am not letting my PC do steroid shots yet (she has it planned for monday) before I see the derm bc if it does turn out to be fungal it can make matters worse. (however i think im just holding onto hope that its not alopecia bc I have small hairs growing back in already and a few long hairs inside the spot which they told mewas uncommon with alopecia) however they also told me there is no sign of fungal infection no redness itchiness etc.
    hearing your candid story makes me nervous it will get worse but more importantly it makes me feel right about my 2nd opinion doctor and telling my PCP no injections yet. thank you and I hope your beautiful hair starts doing what you wan it to do. 🙂

    • Yes, I’m a big fan of getting a second opinion if you aren’t sure a diagnosis makes sense. On the other hand, all of my doctors reassured me that ringworm hardly ever makes bald spots on adults. Something about how the chemical balance of the hair changes during puberty and makes it unattractive to the ringworm fungus.

      The small hairs growing back in–do they break off easily? I thought I had small hairs growing back in, but they were really in the process of falling out. With alopecia, the hair falls out, and then the bit left in the follicle falls out after, or something, and makes it look like tiny new hairs when it’s not. I also had long hairs still growing in my first bald spot (they’re evident in the first couple pictures in this post).

      Good luck with your treatment. I’m happy to say that the new medicine is doing an excellent job of filling in the last spot, so it’s looking like my alopecia journey may be nearing its end.

  3. Thanks for posting the information about the stages of your alopecia, I also have alopecia areata and was wondering if anyone else got the fuzzy white hairs i’ve found lately
    Remember its just hair though, not worth crying so much about! Your health, your mind and your family are SO much more important. If it get worse again try to get some perspective, everyday millions of people are dealing with much much worse.

    • @ Kirsty, youre right in the grande scheme of things Alopecia is very emotionally distressing especially for women but it is not life threatening, I do remind myself of this every day in the shower when I have “bad” days that result in handfuls of hair. However back to your question about white hairs….I found last week that my bald spot went from feeling “buzzed” to completely smooth and now I have discovered white hairs about 1/4 of an inch long. Ive done some research some people say they are hairs growing back with no pigment. Some claim the hairs eventually get pigment and continue to grow, some say they had white hair grow in and then fall out again and some say they have white hairs grow in that stay white. (possibly the reason why you will sometimes see people with just one grey streak) my white hairs dont feel very “fuzzy” they are a little coarser than the rest of my very fine hair. BUT any hair growth means “remission” whether it stays or not i the ongoing question. 🙂

    • I definitely had fuzzy white hairs. For a while, they just stayed short and white and fuzzy, but they all eventually turned dark brown again.

      Sadly, I’ve just noticed today that a couple of my larger spots are showing signs of falling out again. Frown.

      I definitely do try to remember that it’s just hair. But other times, I have to allow myself the sorrow. Yes, other people have far worse problems and it’s important to keep perspective about that. On the other hand, alopecia is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, and that first giant bald spot was the most traumatic experience of my life. I think it’s also important to remember to allow ourselves the space to deal with our own lives’ problems as they are. Feeling sorry for yourself when you alopecia is really bad, especially to family and close friends, is emotionally beneficial, and doesn’t mean that you’re discounting the admittedly far more horrifying things other people,deal with.

      For a while, I tried really hard to make myself feel better by thinking of how much worse it could be. But then I was just imagining all these horrible things happening all the time, which wasn’t good, and feeling like I was a horrible person every time I looked in the mirror and the tears started welling up. You can never have literally the worst problem in the world, and that fact doesn’t make problems any less valid.

    • Hmmm…that’s easier said than done. Losing your hair and getting bald patches is not good at all for your confidence! I know from experience since I discovered a bald patch on my head three days ago and it turns out to be Alopecia Areata (or so the doctor says). And of course worse things that can happen, but that doesn’t really help. At all. I myself find it pretty annoying actually when people say that…Of course there are worse things: you can fall of a ladder and break your neck and become paralized and loose your job and spouse on the same day…People should be allowed to feel however they feel about things and not having to worry about coming across as petty or whatever. And as far as health is concerned: loosing your hair can cause a lot of stress which is of course not the best thing for your health. All in all I don’t agree with your comment.

      I apologize for any mistakes in the text; English is not my first language..

  4. I have had alopecia since I was about 7 years old. At first I thought I had cancer or lukemia because a friend at school had it and had an arm amputated. It took alot for my parents to convince me that it wasn’t serious. I have gone through many stages and numerous painful treatments. It sucks. I am lucky that I don’t have it worse than some others and I am lucky that has come back before but this is the worst I have had it and the longest. I am starting to loose hope that it will grow back… I am 33 now and it is worse than ever:( I personally deal withthe public on a daily basis and people constantly feel than the need point it out to me as if I didn’t. notice it on my own. Usually people ask me why I shave my head the way I do. I have to wear my hair pinned up because I have a huge bald spot on the back of my head and now my hair line is receding. So I guess it’s the lesser of the two. I just hate it. It makes me feel less than a woman… Even though I know I’m not. And I hate that I can’t control it. Just comes and goes and now it’s gone. (Mostly) I commend you for putting yourself your photos sour story out there. I wish nobody else had to go through it but it’s nice to know that your not alone. Just know that your not.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’re having it so bad right now! And how rude of people to point it out all the time!

      I also know what you mean about feeling like less of a woman. That big bald spot right on the front was really hard for me that way. It was just so right there on my face. And I had had such long, thick hair up until that point that had always made me feel so feminine. And then all of a sudden, I wasn’t the girl with the long, thick head of hair anymore, and I felt like my (then) fiance was going to stop thinking I was pretty enough. But it didn’t happen. Everyone has something they wish they could hide or change about their bodies, whether they’re dressing a certain way or wearing makeup, or pinning their hair to cover up bald spots.

      I think the control thing is the hardest thing about it. It just happens, and that’s so very hard.

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  6. Hello flameminbloom, thank you so much for posting this. I was diagnosed about a month ago with Alopecia Areata. I was wondering if we could possibly email? Im still very much in shock and would love the opportunity to speak with someone who has also gone through what im going through. I hope to her from you – Megan

  7. Thank you for sharing. I think I am starting with the process since the last month and is going fast. I have an appointment to see the dermatologist on Friday. 🙂

  8. This blog is brilliant and thank you so much for sharing your story. I began losing my hair exactly like you 12 years ago and now I am completely bald , no eyelashes or eyebrows. i always say , like you do, If I had got help sooner then I do not think my alopecia would have progressed to the level which it did. Your advice to go and see a doctor asap is crucial and what is also very important is looking after your body by having a healthy diet and trying to reduce all stresses in your life. I am in the midst of setting up a charity for research into Alopecia Areata in the UK. Although this Autoimmune diseases is not life threatening it is very very psychologically distressing for sufferers. If anyone is interested in the charity please have a look at

    I wish you all the best and health and happiness

    Jayne x

  9. Thanks so much for your post && pictures ! I have the exact same thing going on in my head. I actually haven’t seen a doctor because i have no insurance, but I am calling a dermatologist as soon as possible. Now I haven’t been taking meds but my hair is starting to grow back inside my front bald spot. I don’t know if that is normal but I’m thankful. I have been using a grease called sulfur 8 in my head for about two months and I’m guessing that’s why its growing back. I actually googled today because of the gray hair growing ba k and im so happy I found this page! If you have any advice you can think to give me it would be greatly appreciated.

  10. I am almost completely bald around my edges and I barely have any hair in the very top of my head. my scalp itches like crazy. could this be alopecia?

  11. I just saw my physician who diagnosed me with alopecia areta, he did some bloodwork to rule out some things. I’m going to see a dermatologist as soon as I can. This is stressing me out so much. I’m wondering if you tried or are taking any supplements to help fight this?

  12. hi.i have 4 spots in head and many in beard.i started gettng back white hairs.have you got back your normal hairs or not and if yes what did you finally use to get them.

  13. I have got the exact problem exceptbdoctors are saying there is nothing they can do and my patches are getting bigger help nit they Say will grow back

  14. Congrats on hair coming back!! I’ve recently found a large part towards the back of my head- I’ve been prescribed a steroid cream to apply and I think (oh my god touch wood) that it’s growing back- almost feels like short spikey hair where it used to be smooth and shiny?! Glad things are improving got you, no matter what people say ‘ don’t worry, you’ll make it worse’ easier said than bloody done!! Good luck to you, thanks for sharing your story xxx

  15. I also was told I have alopecia and I noticed my first patch the size of a quarter 1/24/13 and now that one is the size of a tennis ball an I have another the size of a quarter and about 3 or 4 dime size ones. I see the dermatoligist 2/25/13 and was wondering if u could give me some advice on what I should do treatment wise.

      • Thank you! I’m glad I came across your blog cuz when I first found the first bald spot I searched the web and the stories I came across had me convinced I was going to be bald before I knew it. Your story gives me hope that it will pass and my life can go on.

  16. Thank you! You are very brave. I have been struggling with alopecia areata for 3 years! I’m so tired of it and it is very stressful! I’ve recently had the shots about 4 weeks ago and the spots seem to have gotten worse. This is the worse outbreak I’ve had so far! My next appointment is in 2 weeks and the dermotologist said I would have a peach fuzz by my next visit but I just don’t see that happening in the next 2 weeks. Do you have any suggestions? 😦

      • Hi I want to the derm and he basically said its not times and gave me a steriod cream and was like bye. I wasn’t able to ask him any questions at all so I thought maybe if u had time I could ask u. My bald spots are itchy and have red pimples sometimes they hurt, and I noticed a lot of black dots in the first big spot I noticed 1/24. Is this common or should I get a second opinion, to me it sounds like ringworm. Thanks

          • Actually, itchiness with alopecia areata is often an indication that you are in a very active phase of the disease. I’ve had AA for 10 years. This is not just by experience. My dermatologists have told me this too. One of them is one of the most knowledgable in the U.S. about the disease. I often have periods where bold spots itch so bad I can hardly stand it. These are the times when I’m losing the most hair. I also have periods where my scalp is tender, and not just in the bald spots. This is also not unusual. This disease is very unpredictable and people have different side symptoms.

      • In your search of alopecia, did you ever come across this scenario? My friend had brown hair with increasing grey as he got older. Actually, the hair was white. Nice thick hair all over. Then a few weeks ago, all his brown hair fell out, leaving only the grey/white hair. No round loss areas, just every dark hair gone. There is no evidence of spotty loss in the grey/white hair, but of course his overall hair is much thinner due to the brown being gone. He has had numerous tests by a dermatologist to no avail. No systemic disease either.

        • I read somewhere that for some reason grey hair isn’t susceptible to alopecia as dark hair is, so I would believe that. I have a couple of individual grey hairs here and there, and they never fell out.

  17. Hi I got diagnosed a couple of weeks ago and the patch was not quite circular, now it has got bigger in two weeks and is about 2 inches .. I am really worried and could do with visiting the docs again. They have given me a steroid cream but it is definately getting bigger. It seems to be in one patch at the back of my head on the left near my crown … your blog has helped me !

  18. I’m 17 and have one big patch with no hair and several small patches. They tend to itch as well and the doctor I went to said I was “pulling” my hair out and gave me a cream to stop the itching. I’m afraid it’s getting worse. I thought there was hair coming back but my dad said it isn’t. Did yours itch at all? And will my hair come back?

      • i am 30.i started with 5 tiny round spots on head and 4 in beared.they were bald for nearly 6 they started with light white hairs.on my head i got 3 spots covered with black but 1 got white and 1 was bald no growth.same in beard got golden white hairs.i used lot of medicines consulted different doctors.every doc says its autoimmune will take nearly 1yr to get back to normal.but at last i got 2 shots of KENACORT injection,like a drop injected at every spot.doc said it will take a month to cover now.they will grow white first but will change to black later.

  19. So my daughter started off with a very shiny bald spot on one side….not very noticeable and the size of a half dollar. It took almost 3 months for another one….and now she has several “thinning” spots…not bald. We have a dermatologist appt. Monday. I think the good news is that the first spot is no longer bald…but lightly covered in hair. Have you heard that it is a good sign that early spots are filling in…or does that make no difference? She just recently lost half of an eyebrow, too! I’m hoping for injections on Monday. Any opinion?? She’s only 16

    • I know this is a very old post but please get your daughter’s thyroid tested. Losing the outer half-third of your eyebrow is a very telltale sign of thyroid dysfunction. A pill a day is all it takes to treat it and restore one’s health. I hope you see this response.

      • Thank you. That was actually the first thing I did check….and it came back fine. I still am with you and not convinced. I’ve got her on a natural supplement regime for thyroid issues. I’m going to ask for a retest if this doesn’t help. Thanks so much for your post!!!!

        • I know I’m a random person on the internet, but this is something I’ve heard from a lot of people who have thyroid issues: make sure you get the numbers from her tests. Apparently there is more than one industry “standard” for what is considered normal thyroid levels; your daughter may do better at another level than what this doctor considers “normal”? Hopefully that makes sense for you!

  20. Thank you so much for your words of encoragent. I was diagnosed three weeks ago and it just continues to come out and have seven or eight patches currently. I finally see a dermatologist on Friday. Hopefully we can get this all figured out. I’m so scared I’m going to loose all my hair. Thanks again!!

    • Hello, just wondering how your hair looks now that is has been over a year. How was the progress? I was diagnosed April 7 and I have 10 patches. My first one being the biggest at a slow growing pace at 1″. Just hoping this gets better. I know it’s been over 2mths for me so still fairly new. I’m shedding hair like crazy I lose 250+ every other day. My hair feels like 3yr olds hair. Fine and thin.

      • It’s been three years now. So far, I’ve gotten bald spots each autumn, which have all been very stressful times. Last year’s came back pretty quickly in the Spring, this year I had two and one of them is totally filled in now (in June) and the other is on it’s way. Neither of these were anywhere near as bad as the first year–just a couple of small spots. The second year was hard emotionally because I thought it was over, and then it wasn’t. It’s okay now. I talk to my friends openly about it, which helps. They tell me about their health problems and it helps me remember that everyone has their own very difficult problems to deal with and I’m not alone in that. Plus there’s a certain routine normalcy to it now. I know that I have to style my hair to hide it, but it doesn’t really hurt my feelings anymore.

    • im going through this with my 3 year old daughter she had long bouncy curly hair now she is near bald i found this very helpfull thank you so much please keep us in your prayers and thoughts im one heartbroken mammy xx

      • Hi I too am going through this with my 3 year old. It’s the scariest and most difficult thing to not have any control or predictability, especially when it’s your child and all you want to do is shield them from potential harm. Thank you all for sharing your stories, I am hoping for the best for everyone!

  21. Thanks for telling us all your story and good luck with the continued regrowth. I developed a small spot on the side of my head approx 6 months ago. It has increased overtime to be 3 inches across over time. Last weekend I decided to stop covering it and shave my head completely and discovered a number of small patches all over my scalp. Now I no longer feel so self conscious about covering it up and since I shaved my whole head the soft white hairs you describe have covered the large spot. All my family, friends and colleagues have been very supportive and I feel much happier. I realise as a man its an easier look to carry off having no hair but it seems to have helped me a lot.

    Good luck to everyone who has shared, hoping for a hairier future for us all

  22. I admire you so much for your braveness. Sine this exprnce hasnt killed you, it sure has made you stronger. Never give up hope. You are doing ok and going forward in life you will be able to deal with anything!!!

    Best wishes

  23. You’re an incredibly selfless human being for sharing such a personal story. I’m sure I can speak for all of us who share this common nuisance, thank you!! Now on to my question….. I’d like to confirm one particular answer you provided to an earlier question….. Once the white fuzzy hairs appear after treatment and baldness, it’s been your experience that the regular hair is soon to follow? Please elaborate if you can, thanks again!!

    • Yes, that has been my experience, though the “soon to follow” is not always that soon. Most times it has been about a month, maybe sooner. But the first time, it was several months and the white hairs were maybe half an inch long. Once the dark came in that time, there was this blonde area, and my doctor told me I could dye it, which I did. That is a way to make it look less bald.

  24. It makes me feel a little better about myself knowing I’m not the only one going through this. I’m only 16 with alopecia areata. Just when I thought regular teenage stress was enough, I come to find myself losing my hair, the most prized thing a girl has I’ve had alopecia for about 1 year and a couple months. I noticed a bald spot in the back of my head similar to yours. I thought my life was over. My doctor too thought it was a ringworm and prescribed me the same thing. Turns out it wasn’t and here I am. I have about 4 bald spots all over my head, and luckily ( I use that word sparingly ) , that when I wear my hair down you can’t notice my spots. I’ve been getting steroid injections for about 3 months now, and I actually have noticed some parts get a lot worse and only one spot grow a little hair. I honestly don’t know if I should keep trying risking more hair to fall out.. My confidence level has hit rock bottom a while ago. I read your whole story and the options you were given seem like a lot more than I have been offered. My dermatologist doesn’t seem to feel compassionate when I come into the appointment hopeless… If you could get back to me and let me know which treatment worked best for you & what you would recommend? Please feel free to email me :

    • I’m pretty sure the steroids aren’t making it worse, it’s just that they aren’t helping and it’s getting worse at the same time.

      The first time I went to get treatment, the steroids were like a miracle treatment, except for my one stubborn spot. My alopecia is back again, and this time the steroids seem to be doing nothing whatsoever. So I’m back on anthralin, and I haven’t been on it long enough this time to tell. As for what’s better, it really depends on people’s bodies. For some people, the steroids are a miracle cure, for other people the anthralin is, for other people nothing helps at all. I’m sorry your doctor doesn’t seem compassionate. Sometimes mine doesn’t either. They have so much on their minds.

      I recommend refraining from thinking of your hair as the most prized thing a girl has. Mine was too, before I had alopecia, and it still is, in some respects, but think of other things that give your life meaning and make you feel happy and pretty. The longer your think of hair as the most important thing, the more pain you will feel. You will have to let go of that.

  25. I found your site very helpful and brave! Two days ago I woke up to find a dime size complete bald spit on the top of my head where my bangs would meet the rest of my hair. It was so strange, scary, and alarming to me. I made a dr appt for monday. However I woke up this morning and around the missing hair was very tender and stilk is. Did you have tenderness? Did the dr ever tell you what could cause this? Thanks

  26. My baby girl (now 10) has a bald spot on the back of her head I noticed while pulling her hair into a ponytail one morning before school. I knew right away what it was, as I have alopecia myself (with my first experience about 5 yrs. ago). As her mother, I have only had two small (about a quarter size) patches occur over that period of time, and in the same spot. Now my daughter has this to deal with this as well and it worries me that she is so young with her first occurrence. Her bald spot is much bigger than mine ever was (4cm wide by 3 cm long), and I noticed this on March 21st. My question is how long it took for you to notice fuzzy hair growth. If I looked at your story right, it was about four months. I remember my hair already growing back when I noticed my bald spots, and with my daughter it is already almost a month and nothing. Thank you so much for sharing your story, you are very brave to show your pictures. It is also nice to see that this condition is as common as it is.

    • Yes, four months is about accurate. My very first bald spot had the white hairs a little before that, but it still looked bald because they’re near invisible.

      I understand why you’re scared, but on the other hand, it’s not dangerous, and for something like this, if you have it from childhood, I would think it would be easier to adapt. Children are so adaptable, and if things happen in your childhood, they’re kind of just the way the world is, you know?

      • Yes, very true… She handles it better than I ever did when I first had it in my adulthood. Thanks for your response…..

  27. My initial thought was to not post my most recent findings for fear of disappointment but decided to share in the event it actually works. I’m simply desperate to find a cure for my alopecia areata so im willing to try anything within reason. Ok, enough babble, take a look at this website and make your own decision. FYI they have good reviews from independent evaluation agencies

    • I have found that whether they hurt depends on where the shots are. They’re pretty painful over the temples and the thin skin on the back of the neck, but not as much in the middle in the back. It wasn’t unbearable or anything, though.

  28. Im so proud of you it really took courage to put your life story out there but thanks to you I might have a lead on what might Daughter probably has Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Doctor to Diagnose but thanks to everything I’ve read about your story is exactly what my Daughters patch looks like with the white hair inside the patch part..I might not be a genius in explaining perfectly … But My Daughter Discovered this patch on the side of her head

    and I’m taking her to the Doctor’s today

  29. I had the same condition for almost 8 months now. Im undergoing homeopathy -google it. Its a natural way of treating the immune system. Anyway its really slow but I do see results. Keeping my hopes for full recovery hopefully until dec. Dont rush it thats what I can suggest. Try to balance your life with excercise, a balance diet and am sure it will all grow back soon. I check blog occassionally but dont overthink . Its should heal by itself . Time heals thats for sure. Lastly keep a gap of 1 month before taking pics. In this way you wont feel anxious about any progress. I hope I’ve help out in any way. Good luck to us!

  30. Hi to everyone! I think you are not only brave for posting but also very kind, as you give your time to try and help others. I have read through but do not see any mention on Thyroid and wondered if anyone has had that mentioned to them?
    My story…..I had been extremely stressed at work, fear of loosing my job and my world turned upside down.November time my head was so itchy I went to the docs and he gave me a steroid lotion for a skin condition. The itching stopped for a while so i stopped with the treatment. I had to go to hospital because my nose would not stop bleeding and they put this down to blood pressure/stress but a blood test picked up on an underactive thyroid, so they started me on a low dose of meds.
    I moved into a new office and my head grew itchy again and as I sat at the pc my hand wondered to this different patch on the back of my head. I never really imagined my hair was falling out!
    May: up put my hair up and YIKES! in the mirror to my horror I have a 2″ bald patch
    I have a 3″ patch now and a few more dotted around, thankfully my hair covers them. I am due to go to a specialist but in the mean time I have hit the web big time and I am taking Amino Acids and a multi vitamins to help my immune system. I had had cancer a few years ago and had some bowel removed so my digestion isnt what it should be.
    I am otherwise well and hardly sick and well over the cancer.
    I thought it was ring worm but the doc wants to take quick route and say thyroid. Has anyone else had this suggested?
    My hair that is in the bald patch, a few white wisps! is very thin and almost dissolving away I am still shedding

    Thyroid side effects – itchy head, hair loss, eyebrow thinning, average morning temperature is 36.1c, tiered, low energy.
    Good to you and everyone else too!

    • Alopecia isn’t itchy, so the fact that yours itched suggests that alopecia isn’t the problem. It’s very good that you’re going to see a specialist to get your thyroid taken care of!

  31. I had Alopecia totalis (is that the correct term?). I was so upset about it that I totally shaved my head. The doctors told me that I had an 80 percent chance of growing it back. I could not stand it. I did shave my head. So proud to go bald.

  32. Hi.i found my bald spot about a month doctor said it was alopecia.i rub in a steroid cream.i can now feel and see(in the right light)tiny minute hairs.but they do not look white that because they are tiny tiny.

  33. Well hello I was reading ur story and had a question I have alopecia also but my hair grew back with in several months know my hair is thing out on the crown does it start off slow with thinning and then the round spots my hair is very itch and burns did this happen to you.

      • Im 14, and i have had this bald spot on the back of my head gor about 3 months now. I dont see any results, and just a few days ago, a skittle size bald patch grew next to it. My parents are going through a rough time and i dont know if we cam afford the medical bill. Do you think my hair will grow without any treatment, or do you think it will only get worse?

        • It really depends. Some people’s gets better on its own. Mine absolutely did not. I ended up with several large spots. It is not the same for everyone.

          I am sorry to hear you are going through a tough time. I hope things get better for your family soon.

          • Well do appointments cost money? Are the steroid injections expensive? Sorry, i dont know anything about doctors 😦

            • My 15 year old daughter has been going through this for the past 8 months and I am so happy to say her hair is growing back….though it was scary. We did the injections, but our family doctor said that while they might speed things up, they aren’t necessary. After the second round of injections the hair started really filling in!! We have insurance. I would say the total bill was probably $170….but that was with insurance. The best thing we did was buy alopecia masking stain called Couvre from Amazon. When she puts that on her thin areas you can’t tell a thing!! We are praying there will be no repeat of the spots, but we are prepared to handle them now. Our dr said of all his cases it has always been teen girls….and they have all had happy endings!! Hope this helps!!!

            • My dermatologist charges $100 for an initial visit and $50 for subsequent visits if you are uninsured. The injections were pretty expensive. I had insurance, but I think they billed my insurance a couple hundred dollars for them. Some of the other treatments might be less expensive, like the anthralin. I’m not sure how much that would cost for uninsured.

              Sorry that it’s not better news. Maybe look into whether there are any low-cost health clinics where you live?

  34. My son and I both have alopecia his is much worse than mine and yes we both see our derm regularly. I do have a question though. His whole scalp fell out and is now growing in compeltely white? Did your white hair ever fall out and how long did it take to change color? Did your derm indicate that the white hair was a positive thing. I really just don’t want my child to have to deal with this his whole life. I am looking for any info that could indicate that the white hair is a good sign. Thanks for any help Heather

    • The white hair is a good sign. Mine always grew in white and then darkened later. How much later varied–usually it was less than a month, but once it was about two months.

  35. Hi,

    Thank you so much for sharing! I was first diagnosed on Jan 2013 and I had a 4cm spot and another smaller one (2cm), which grew to about 3-4cm as well. I got steroid injections and the spots got better in 4 months (by May) I had hair covering them. I thought this was all over until yesterday when I noticed another new spot. I feel so devastated and feel scared that I will have spots for the rest of my life. I know this disease is unpredictable and is different in everyone, but I was wondering how frequently do you get outbreaks? What, if any, is the norm? Thanks a lot for your help!

    • I don’t think there is any kind of norm. But for me, the first time I had it, I just kept getting new spots as the old ones were getting better from about September until January. Then my doctor put me on two weeks of oral prednisone, and then I didn’t get another new spot for months.

      My next outbreak was the following October, which is just now all the way better. It was much smaller though, and a lot easier emotionally.

      Both of mine started in the early fall and got better by early summer. BUT in my case, both of them also started in periods of extreme stress.

  36. Hi thanks for sharing such a peronal thing with us I am one of those statistics you mentioned typing about bald spots into google! so thanks again. I have been under a lot of stress but hadn’t felt stressed at all and then I found out why, my hair was taking and is still taking the stress, a question I wanted to ask was this, did you ever consider shaving your head and maybe getting a wig? my patches are under my hair at the back and as i’m lucky to have a lot of hair they wern’t showing through but now my hair has thinned a LOT and I’m starting to see the start of a bald spot on my crown as for seeing dermatologist asap, well over here in uk north wales they don’t consider alopecia/hairloss in women that important so I have to wait 8months before I even get to see anyone! anyway you said you felt nothing, did you not get like a burning sensation on your head or terrible itchiness, I have both and it’s embaressing as I can do nothing but itch it and feel like I have fleas or something! sometimes my itching reveals another bald spot but sometimes there iswhat feels like a scap and clumps (albeit small ones) fall out, sorry for the tmi but I have no on to ask there is no one around here to help really. if you can’t answe no worries and thanks for sharing something so personal. ab xx

    • I’m very sorry to hear all that! Mine never itched or burned at all. It’s possible that you have something else besides alopecia, but I have read on the internet that some people do experience itchiness.

      I did consider shaving my hair and getting a wig, but I have very thick hair down to my tailbone. So even though I lost a lot of hair (my estimate is maybe 10%), my hair was still quite thick. I did however, acquire a wig to keep around in case I ever felt like I needed it suddenly. It’s not an expensive nice one at all, just something that if my hair loss got really sudden and bad and I didn’t want to be seen leaving the house, I’d have an option. If my hair loss got really bad, I would definitely consider it.

      Where do you live in North Wales? That’s where my husband and I went on our honeymoon, and it was just beautiful! My favorite was walking around Llyn Idwal one day. We stayed quite near there. The photograph on the top bar of my blog is from Bryn Celli Ddu in Anglesey.

  37. I have just discovered a large (3cm x4cm)bald spot on the back of my head. I knew right away it must be alopecia. My cat had it years ago. I was freaking out, trying to tell myself it’s not like losing my sight or hearing. I felt so selfish, i’m in good health otherwise, i have health insurance. my brother-in-law is suffering through chemo and radiation. This blog has really helped me to put things into perspective. It’s just hair. I’m 52 and have only a couple of grey hairs. Both of my younger siblings have a fair amount of grey hair. It would just help to know the cause of the alopecia so that others wouldn’t have to deal with it. Thanks for having this forum available. I’ll let you know how treatment goes.

  38. Thanks, I have thick full hair, my entire life then one day I noticed a nickel sized bald spot in the middle of my hairline smack in them front. I freaked out, did I touch something, did I eat something, am I under stress? Now I noticed it is on the left side too, not as noticeable. I made an appointment within 24 hours of finding the first one. Thanks for posting your information. You have no idea how much this helped me. 🙂

  39. Thanks for sharing your story. I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areratha about a week ago and I got the sterioid shots plus some topical steroid to apply. At the time I had about four spots plus a lot of hair loss on the back of my neck but everything appeared to be localized to the lower left side of my head. The Dermatologist PAC just asked me where the spots were and didn’t examine the rest of my head. At the time I was upset, crying and in shock over receiving this diagnosis so I didn’t think to tell him to look over the rest of my head. My hair is mid-length and very wavy so you have to really dig through to see the spots. I have never been so thankful for wavy hair, because for now, I am able to cover these bald spots up.

    I had to go back this week for more shots because I found eight new spots on the right back and lower side of my head. It’s only been two days since that last round of shots but this morning I found three new spots on the front side of my head near my temples at the hairline. To date, this puts my total amount of bald spots at 15 not including the loss of hair along my neckline. I feel like I am fighting a battle that I can’t win because this doesn’t seem to be letting up, it just keeps moving to a different area on my head. The doctor tells me to come back in 6-weeks but I am starting to feel like I need a standing weekly appointment!

    Your story made me realize there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. As I perserve through this situation I appreciate knowing that I am not alone.

    • When that was happening to me (I had up to 25 spots at one time), my doctor eventually put me on oral prednisone. The shots only work in the spot where they’re given, they can’t stop more from coming, while the oral steroids get at your whole head.

  40. My son developed alopecia areata and it was devastating to him especially being in high school. It started out as a quarter size spot on the side of his head but more larger spots developed. I scheduled an appointment for a dermatologist but it is months out because there are so few in my area. I did some research trying to find anything to help. I found a website that said to use onion juice. We did, it really stinks, but his hair started to show signs of growth in a week. We leave it on for a few hours in the evening and then he washes it out before bed. It helps calm down the swelling taunt skin look the bald patch had. It still there but hair is actually growing. We used yellow onions and grated them for the juice. I just apply it with a cotton ball. I’m trying anything because he has been depressed. I hope the dermatologist will be able to assist more.

    • My 16-yr old daughter who had beautiful, thick hair went through that and is finally getting it all back. The steroid injections really seemed to help, though our pediatrician seemed to think it would’ve regrown within 7-10 months on its own. It is so devestating to not only the child, but the parent!! Hang in there…it does get better!!! My husbands brother also had it in high school and after a couple bouts as a teen, he has been thick-haired ever since!!!

  41. I find it really frustrating that you have said more than once that alopecia doesn’t hurt and isn’t itchy. That is not the case. It can leave the scalp feeling very tender. Almost like it’s bruised. And as hair falls out or grows back it can be extremely itchy. I have had alopecia areata on and off all my life. My last lot started falling out 4 years ago. I am now completely bald apart from a patch no bigger than my eye. I have also lost my left eyebrow and left eyelashes. I have had fuzzy white hairs for well over a year with no change. Everyone is different. Some only lose their hair for a few months, others a few years. Some lose it forever. But it is definitely common to experience itching and tenderness. Please stop telling people the opposite.


  43. First of all thank you for posting this and im glad ur gettingbetter,im 28 years old and still disbelief its happening to me,i had exactly the same one you got only mine is two bald spots,the first one i noticed a Aug.18 its a size of a quarter,2nd one got noticed by my husband like 2weeks ago both on top of my head:(,decided to see our practitioner she prscribe me Triamcinolone then she told me to see a dermatologist my the derma is next thursday(thats the earliest they can give me)i hopeand pray that myhair will grow about to cry after i see it tonight the first one its getting scared if i have some other spor that i cant see.

  44. THANK YOU for posting this! I have been battling alopecia since February. At first, I was tested for Lupus, Rhematoid arthritis and a whole list of other things. It was awful. It has progressively become worse and I am so embarrassed because of it. I have them all over my head and my hair just keeps coming out. The last Dr. that I went to was sympathetic and she actually validated my concern about it. She was concerned and she said that we would get it figured out….I really hope that she helps me. My insurance won’t cover it because they are considering it a “cosmetic” problem. I really, really appreciate that you posted this…it really helped me.

  45. Hi I can relate to u feeling “discusting” I literally hate my life right now all I do is cry!
    My question is did anything happen to other parts?
    I think im lookinv in the wrong place but its up to me to find whats going on because drs are saying its delutional! Lol I wish…I got an emergency apt to see the dermatologist, just to be told they dont take my insurance!!!
    My case is tooooo bizzare for ANYONE to believe…first I got like holes on my face then there was like little hairs coming out..actually before the hairs it was like lil hard pieces of idk what! I thought it was glass at first!! Month went by and still these sores wouldnt go away. They looked like they were healing but they were still dark brown! Well my scalp I started scratching alot I couldnt get my hair to stop frizzing and so much was coming out in shower! I got a few sores on the scalp too. Well recently I noticed lil white hairs growing EVERYWERE even the sores that are “healed” my hair feels thicker but a wierd texture and some pieces if I pull a lil just fall others feel stuck in the sculp…I honestly feel like I have MOLD growing covering me! So many other weird things are happening.oh my scalp feels like its covered in a thin layer of shlacque!! When I scrape it lil white dots fly everywhere looks like dantruff but NOT at all. My cuticles are real hard and crusty like..what ever it is is coming from right under the skin.the hairs look just like lint at one point it was like fiber glass…I have no idea whats wrong but I feel like im going to die if I dont get something done! Now whats killing me is im seeing my kids w the same 2 yos hair looks like all spit ends its dry n uneven! I know u prob have no idea but I figured aomeone might!! Jackie

  46. Thanks for sharing. I can only imagine how hard it must be.

    I am in exactly the same boat. My thick, wavy, East Indian hair, is/was my best feature. Started with one patch, quarter size, then within a week, 3, then in two weeks there were 7. It’s 3rd week now, and not only are they getting bigger, but fusing into one big one, almost the size of a fist.

    I went to a dermatologist thievery day I noticed them, and she injected me with steroids…. No help. She gave me topical immune modifiers in addition… No change. I have been tested for lupus, entire thyroid panel, hormone panel etc…. No cause detected.

    I am so frustrated. Yes, this year has thus far been the most stessful of my life (I am 38). I am going through some life changing events, but I have always had some stress or another going on. Have even started meditating. Oh, did I mention I was even tested for PCOS?

    • Don’t give up!! My 16 yr old daughter had the same thing. The injections take some time….usually getting a second injection about 4 weeks later. After that, we REALLY noticed a difference! Other spots might come, but the original ones should start filling in! Mitzi

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    • I found a huge bald spot and got tested for all of that too. a little before I found the bald spot, my stomach got really huge and I don’t know why. But I found this — I have no idea if I have it, but I’m going to keep asking doctors until somebody tests me for it and then if I do i’m going to ask for the antibiotics to see if that helps.

  47. Hey your story is awesome. I have lost parts of my beard due to stress. Idk what to do the doctor said wait a year. But its almost been a year and I’m worried

  48. I was diagnosed first with Alopecia then with TE. I had stress due to my son going to prison, my sister passing, car wreck, job issue and then change of job. I have this sort of not round but straight bald spot on the right side of my head above m ear. The left sidr is less but I am able to cover it with my hair. However the right side has lost more hair and it is difficult to hide it. I have used dome powder products to disguise it. Co workers and friends said that they didn’t notice it. Doc aid to take Rogaine. Other than those spots and thinning of my hair I really dont know what to think. Need to find a better way to hide my bald spot. I dont cr anymore. Blood test normal but my sugar was higher than normal. I feel ugly!

    • Hi Manuela

      My post is below, but whilst my hairloss wasn’t too bad in the early week, I was able to hide my patches by using a product called Cabooki, have a look on youtube, it may help a little

  49. Hi Flameinbloom, WOW is all I can say, like others here I congratulate you on your courage in documenting your journey so far. 6 Weeks ago I had a full head of hair, i noticed the 1st patch then, well a week ago I had so many patches i had too shaved my head last week as it just looked terrible, I looked like a dog with the mange, (BTW Im a guy) so I guess that is somewhat easier you might think to yourself, actually no it isnt, Im 48 years old I’ve always had a full head of hair, so much so my friends used to make jokes about how perfect my hair used to be, most of them had naturally lost their hair over the years. I have lost my hair in six weeks and I’m reeling in shock and dismay, so yeah I get the crying every day thing, I cant stand too look at myself in a reflection or mirror anymore and I will kill anyone within 10 miles of me with a camera. I walk with my eyes downwards consistently now and rarely venture from the house anymore, and certainly only when I am forced to do so. I don’t socialise with my friends anymore and I only see close family now not extended family. I feel like im no longer attractive to my partner and the confidence I once had as a person has definitely gone.

    I have spent all my time scouring the internet for a reason and or a solution, I haven’t found anything to date for either. all I’ve found is frustration and further frustration, no answers for this condition anywhere. I have a referral to a dermatologist I haven’t done so as yet, because from everything I read the injections and creams don’t seem to really work and some are considered dangerous, so I question the wisdom of such things. Given they cant even tell me why I now have this condition, my reasoning dictates such solutions are more than just a little hit and miss in their approach and i don’t know about anyone else, but I am unnerved greatly by the thought I am being prescribe medicines for a condition no one seems to even know why occurs.

    However I did come across a herbal remedy on the internet, I’m probably clasping at straws I know but i am going to give a chance. I came across two alternate therapies. “What the Hell” It cant make it worse now can it.

    The first i have found was a herbal product from a company called “Fusion” the link is below

    I came across it from a TV show here in Australia where a 9 year old girl hair had regrown after visiting a naturopath and he prescribed this for the little girl.

    Ive been on this product for a few days only now so its to early to say if it will work or have any impact, But i am going to give it a try for a month and keep my fingers crossed.

    The other alternative is called Kefir Milk

    This will be attempt two if the fusion product shows no benefit, here is an article link on this solution if anyone is interested

    Id be keen to hear from anyone who has successfully tried any other alternative therapies

    • Please do post your experiences with these remedies. I am sure there are people who read this who will be interested in that information.

      My experience is that nothing will work within a month, mainly because that’s how long it takes for the hair follicles to heal and growth to be visible, so if you’re really going to give that a shot, you may want to try for about six weeks.

      I have stopped using the steroids because of the side effects. Now that it’s been a couple of years, I’m okay with the uncertainty of it in a way I wasn’t before. Now the side effects are easily worse than the hair loss for me. Also I have had a lot of success with the anthralin cream. It’s very itchy, but I otherwise don’t have any side effects, and it grows my hair back very well in around 6 weeks when I remember to use it consistently.

      • Hi Flameinbloom, thanks for the tip, I wasnt aware that it was a minimum of six weeks regarding the hair follicles, so much appreciated so I will extend the trial to 8 weeks, well tomorrow is the end of week 1 of trying the Fusion product, the good news is, I can see hair growth since I shaved it last week and started to use the product, although I am unsure how much if any of the patches have started to regrow, the growth is very white but that could also be simply due to my age as well, I don’t know, Ill start to take photos at weekly intervals starting tomorrow on Wednesday, assuming I notice some improvement in the patches, if I am able I will start posting the progress for others to see.

        Oh and just incase anyone was curious a 60 tablet bottle cost me $45.00 Australian, but I was able to get it quickly at my local vitamin retail store, I think the manufacturer ships directly overseas from there website but I am using the Hair Tonic and the Hair and Nail supplement together so for approx 1 month supply I am paying about $92 Australian for both.

        The only sight affect I have found so far is it changes the color of urine to like radioactive uranium yellow, but I see that as a good thing in that at least I know its getting through my system

        Can pictures be posted on this blog?

          • Well its now week two of the trials on the Fusion herbal tablets, I am extremely pleased to say although not all my hair has yet returned, undoubtedly the hair is regrowing and rapidly, in deed I think most people don’t even really notice I lost my hair now, most just assume I had a very short haircut mostly and the patches have become much smaller in most cases and with a few completely filled, at this rate i have all the confidence in the world my hair will be returning and soon. The bad news was just after my last posting I noticed i had developed a patch in my beard and also in one eye brow had started too loose hair as well, but I am hopeful that it has stop in those areas as I haven’t seen any additional lose since I first noticed it

  50. Hi, my partner has the same condition and he has had the white hair growing back for a while now. How long did it take for you hair to go back to normal colour?

    thanks in advanced!

    • It varied. Sometimes it was as little as two weeks. The first time it took maybe two months? Once the white hair started getting longer, my doctor suggested that I dye the white hairs. It made a huge difference in how it looked.

  51. Like others here, I want to thank you for posting your story. As you well know, when this happens you’re either stuck to your computer or your mirror looking for any kind of answers. I noticed my patch this past spring. Started about 2″ in diameter. Some friends (a nurse and her husband who’s a doc) suggested blood tests (to check for thyroid issues), told me to use a combination of a cortizone cream and lotrimin, which I did for about two weeks. But went to a dermatologist and she immediately said it was alopecia. We did a biopsy – came back positive for alopecia. She gave me injections – which I wanted to ask you about – did your skull sink in after the injections? Cuz mine did (the dermo told me it would). After about a month and a half, the skull had “popped” back out, and after about 3-4 months (since the initial find) part of the area where the shots were given grew back in. However, the area got much larger (maybe 3.5-4″ in diameter). I haven’t gone back for more shots cuz if that whole area of my head sinks in, then I’ll really look like a freak. I’m lucky that I can still part my hair to one side and cover the area (thank god for hairspray). I did develop another small spot right next to the large one. I’m hopeful cuz the larger area seems to be growing in steadily – not fast – but steady.
    The crying? Yeah. Don’t think I’ve ever cried this much in my life. I had cancer 7 years ago and honestly, I think this might be more of a mindf**k than that was. I think, like you said, it’s the control thing. And the uncertainty of what will happen next.
    Since this is an autoimmune thing, that’s been a little distressing – why is my body turning on me – kind of thing. I also thought my alopecia might be a side effect of some tooth infection. I did get a root canal this summer, and a couple of older fillings replaced that were “leaking”, cuz there’s a definite connection between oral health and the rest of your body. I’ve started taking vitamins on a daily basis – including Biotin-. I also, about 3-4 weeks ago, started rubbing fresh aloe on my scalp, because, yes, I do have times when my scalp in those areas are itching. Not horrible so, but annoying. I also bought an herbal remedy from Just Natural – Alopecia treatment – which is an oil that supposedly will stimulate growth that I use about every other day or so (it’s super oily so I only use on the day I’m washing my hair) I have to say that I have seen progress insofar as regrowth in the initial area is, whether this is do to the aloe, or it’s just the hair growing in on it’s own, I don’t know. Don’t really care, as long as it’s growing back. Now I’m keeping an eye on the second smaller spot – which is getting bigger.
    I don’t have any insurance. The initial blood tests I had done at a clinic (you can order it online, go to a facility and they email you results). The dermo I paid out of pocket.
    @Jackie – have you checked to see if it’s psoriasis?
    Thank you again for your bravery, and for everyone else here sharing their story. Hoping in the near future some incredibly smart scientist will figure out the whys and the fixes…

    • Yes, I got a dent in my head. I don’t think it’s even close to enough of a dent for other people to notice it, though. I’m pretty sure it’s not a dent in your skull, just a flattening of the tissue on top of it. I don’t know if you should avoid the steroids because you’re worried people will think you look like a freak for a teeny depression in your head. I would be incredibly surprised if anyone at all noticed that.

      I mean, don’t get me wrong–I’ve decided not to use the steroid shots either because of side effects (mainly increased menstrual pain). And I would never tell someone to deal with a treatment they are uncomfortable with, but the dent is so small, I couldn’t even tell it was there unless I rubbed it.

      I do hope it keeps growing in for you.

  52. You’re right, it wasn’t actually the skull itself, but it was a pretty good size dent. With the radius of hair missing now, if I were to get shots in the entire area, if it depressed as much as it did before, it would be noticable. Of course, I’d rather have a dent with hair than without, but I wasn’t really convinced if the shots helped or it was the passage of time that made the hair regrow. In either case, glad I tried it, and don’t rule out going that route again if I have to.

  53. thanks for your story!!! I Have alopecia areata and thinning from thyroid issues we think. I have shed lots of tears too, especially in the beginning of my hair loss issues. I want to stress-Get your thyroid checked everyone asap! I too went through a period just over a year ago, where i found about ten bald spots over a two month period.They slowly grew in and then over the last year, a few more have popped up but they too seem to be growing in. The regrowth is white as other people have found. It seems like most spots do grow in so there is hope and try not to panic. My scalp has been irritated this whole time. I get red patches that flare up, with no dryness and sometimes some small red bumps. These red patches seem to travel to different areas on the back of my head and feel somewhat inflamed. I have been to two dermatologists, have had lots of bloodwork and they don’t seem to know what the redness is from. I have hypothyroidism and when this first started my medication was too high so I went hyperthyroid. This can cause hairloss and since then I have been on four different doses trying to find the right one. These med changes can cause hair loss as well. not sure about scalp redness though. My hair has really thinned in the back particularly in the nape and I get a lot of redness there too. I think being over medicated brought on the alopecia areata as my body was so stressed. I’m wondering if anyone else has had red patches (not just where I’ve had a bald spot) and trouble with thinning in the nape area. I know it’s hard not to be terrified but it seems to be ok for most people over time.

  54. wow i thought I was the only female with alopecia, the weird thing is that the exactly same thing happen to me!. went to my primary doc and told me it was fungus was not helping only getting worse started with 2 patches now I have 5 patches but luckily got my insurance and now going to my demo!. and got the steroids as well and the topical oil!. I know exactly how you felt theres been days where I just look at the mirror and start crying too!.. but if God gave us disease he will give us the strength to fight it!… also don’t know if any of yall with alopecia believe in home remedies, this is going to sound kinda disgusted but I think it is working.. putting cow excrement (shit)on your head.. but it has to be warm as soon as the cow shits it out!. been doing it for two days and hope it works for something I know it might sound crazy but it works!. and thanks for you pictures and comments!. just brought my hopes up a lil more!… im still in progress!!..

  55. This in she same thing that is happening to me. this is the first article I have come across that is even remotely close to what I am dealing with. I do have a question you said that you tried prednisone did it work? what about propecia have you tried that at all? I do not have health insurance at the moment so I can’t go to a doctor

    • The prednisone did work. I wasn’t a fan of the side effects, though. It made me very moody and gave me abdominal pain.

      I don’t know what propecia is, but I just did a quick google and saw that it’s for male pattern baldness, which is a different thing with different causes, so I don’t know if that would work.

  56. Hello,

    I would like to share some things I have learned about this condition with hopes it may help some people. I also have a brief background in Endocrinology before starting into Business. Alopecia is very difficult to understand because it’s cause ranges so widely upon each individual. Sometimes it can be genetic, but other than that it can almost always be linked to various factors including; environment, allergies, diet, nutrition, hormonal imbalance, illness, mineral deficiencies, prescription and/or recreational drugs. That being said, yes definitely see a Doctor and yes corticosteroids will work based on the idea that they suppress immune response; but this is only a treatment and does not address the initial cause; most likely while on steroids your immune system will adapt as it would over time with an allergy and the condition improves on it’s own. Other than the cause being genetic this disease can be classified more as a “condition”. The best universal advise I can provide is to get ‘a lot’ of blood work done; this will include(but not limited to) the Endocrine system, Thyroid and serum/plasma levels of certain minerals in your body that can directly effect a immune response. My wife had this condition when she was 18 with very similar issues as described here. She had seen Doctor after Dermatologist, tried all the creams, injections and pills with little results except for the steroid side effects. After several years of it getting worse, she came across a new Doctor that had decided to check her Iron levels; they were indeed below normal, but not to an extreme. The Doctor prescribed her Iron pills to take daily; as Iron does play a huge role in creating red blood cells. Within two weeks her hair started to grow back and continued to. Medications and recreational drugs can also lead to certain mineral deficiencies that over time can effect the immune system in big ways. Our bodies are designed to adapt to our environment; just think if antibodies can be created over time to some of the most fatal venom know to man, how prescription drugs and chemicals can effect us that we intake everyday.


  57. I notice my spots two months ago at frist i was like i die my hair to much i was blonde so i die it black n its gettinG bigger n even by my neck n ears i was crying saying im going to look ugly im going to doctor tmw i just want my hair back i brush my hair alot i mean alot comes out i get afraid to wash my hair cuz it comes out bad if it gets bigger i will put extensions in my hair until it stops im glad i read this n sounds like my hair im getting up early tmw goung to doctor thanks

  58. Exactly what ur describing is happening to me my hair is not too bad yet. But I started to read about the disease. Long story short I was applying medicine that the doctor recommended but it wasn’t working the same exact thing it would fall off. So I said screw that I went to the dermatologist again n he prescribed something else. To be honest I didn’t bother trying it. I told my cow worker about n she told me to use aloe Vera the actual plant n cut it n use the gooey stuff n mix it with mayo n chopped garlic I did n sure enough the hair started growing. I started reading online n I seen that just applying garlic to ur scalp can help the hair re grow. I read yesterday about onion juice n garlic. There’s a study about alopecia aerate patients using onion juice n 86% of them seen regrowth in about 2 weeks after applying the juice twice a day for 2months for and hour on ur whole scalp. It seems crazy but at this point I will try anything. I don’t want to have my whole head gone. I’m trying it and I already see improvement and I’ve only used it twice so far. U should try this it’s inexpensive go the natural route these doctors are garbage they don’t know what they are doing. I really hope it helps u

  59. Thank you so much, this helped me alot! I have one patch on the side of my head right now, I do notice it’s getting bigger :/ I haven’t found any other spots yet. I first noticed the spot in general bc it felt almost numb so I found myself touching it alot, and after about a week after I noticed the numb spot, I noticed that spot had no hair now…. And now 3 days after I found the spot I already notice it’s bigger… I do feel the exclamation point hairs and I can only hope that means it’s not gonna get bigger :/. I keep searching for more spots cuz I’m deathly afraid. I’m also a hairdresser so having bal spots probably won’t look too professional. I’ve also been very stressed out lately. I’m currently going to rehab, and soon I leave for more intensive inpatient. I’ve been going since July, I just recently lost my job bc I’m in rehab, and I recently got in a car accident a week after I paid for it… I also got 5 tickets for that accident. I can’t afford to get Xmas presents or buy anything for myself really at all. I’m so stressed out it’s sickening. My mom, 2 sisters and my dad all have thyroid problems. I get cystolic acne randomly without warning, but idk if those would cause me to get alopecia areata. But thank u so much for this article, I wasn’t going to get it look at until I noticed it getting severe or noticed more spots bc of everything else I read online, so I appreciate it so much! Thank u again and I hope to hear back from u :).

  60. I want to thank you for posting this article. I have battled with alopecia aeata for 8 years. My story was very similar to yours. I noticed one very small spot, that ended up growing very big. At one time I had as many as12 spots. I was getting 40-50 steroid shots every month. I almost went completely bald.I’ve had alopecia three different times, and its still as devastating as the first. I hate notknowing if/when it will ever rereturn. Thank you for your story, makes me feel like I’m not alone. You’re story is very very similar to mine, its crazy!

    • You are a God sent! … Had my younger sister trimmed my hair last holiday (new year, new look!) and it was then than I noticed this bald spot. I called for an appointment as soon as we got home. The physician gave me a topical ointment cream and sent me to the lab for blood works (Still waiting for the result). I called in for an appointment with the derma. A few days ago I noticed another spot ;( Now I’m totally panicking, Crying my heart out ;( I dunno who to talk to (other than my husband). I’m lost and devastated! If you could pls. Pls. Email me
      I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  61. I just saw my doctor this December, 2013. He said the most common cause of alopecia areata is a fungal infection. He is a very experienced doctor and he’s talking from experience. You will notice online all the different definitions of AA – namely, that your hair will fall out, and that’s it. That’s the medical profession for ya. Some sites do talk about the different causes that can involve a scalp condition. A “fungal” infection does not have to be tinea or ringworm. It can be yeast and other things. I had no symptoms, nothing. Yet, a ketoconazole shampoo (which also contains every other anti-this and that for the most common problems) make my follicles more visible, like it was cleaning up something. I also use all kinds of things, but when I shampoo’d with the ketoconazole, I started seeing new little hairs growing, dark ones, as well as nothing in the shower drain – nothing. I do not have bald patches, only an overall thinning, but I am very bare above the ears like in your photos (those were helpful, as I also had colored my own hair 3 months ago with a volume 40 developer, not knowing that should not go on the scalp). So I wasn’t sure if it was the damage I had caused or alopecia. Now I know it is alopecia, along with the damage I caused of broken hair. There is also a factor of sweating toxins out in the scalp, for me. This could lead to a fungus getting a foothold. I read to avoid plant oils in shampoo while one is treating this, like Wen, which is what I used, as the fungoids or whatever they are will feed off the oils and any debris. Go ahead and shampoo more often. My hair got very dry without the Wen shampoo. I wash with baking soda and water (detoxes the scalp), then use the ketoconazole shampoo (Nizoral or Selsyn Blue, but I found a better one called Lipogaine with good things in it besides ketoconazole, use the Wen conditioning (probably shouldn’t, then do an apple cider vinegar rinse and rinse that out too. The main thing is, if it’s not simply an autoimmune disease (and what is that anyway) there is something going on with the scalp, whatever the condition is (I’m not talking about androgenic alopecia, but there are things for that too). Get your scalp healthy, do scalp exercises, get the blood flowing to the follicles, use an anti-fungal serum or shampoo whether you have symptoms or not. You may be surprised. The medical profession in general knows nothing, they only go by what they are taught. You found a possible solution because it fits what is happening with your scalp, a coal tar product. Get all the info you can from the internet and eventually you can discard the wrong stuff and find something that works for you..

  62. So on the left side of my head where I part my bangs I found a small bald spot. I’m only 17 I feel like I’m gonna lose all my hair. My hair feels lighter. I just found the bald spot and I don’t know how long I’ve had it. I can’t afford going to the doctor… I’m really scared. Could I have what you have? And also I remember that before I have found the bald spot I had been scratching my head a lot. I feel like my scalp is thinning. Help?

  63. Anybody have the ophiasis pattern like me? Mine has been developing slowly into that pattern in the last 2 years. I have yet to find a solution that even gives me a little bit of improvement. Would anybody like to share something that has given them some hair growth?

  64. When you rubed your scalp did it feel like you were rubbing sand. I swear it feels like if I scratch my scalp I hear little popping sounds. I was diagnosed with Alepcia ringworm them alepcia again. Any help would be appreciated considering this is so emotional for me with hairloss at 35

    • No, it didn’t really. Sometimes when I scratch, there are little sand grainish bits, though. Not enough to say it’s like rubbing sand. And my husband’s head always feels like rubbing sand as long as I’ve known him and he doesn’t have alopecia at all. I wouldn’t speak to everyone’s experience on this one, so I don’t really have a good answer. Maybe ask your doctor about it?

  65. Hi there I first noticed a small bald spot about the size of a dime about 4 months ago. It is right at the end of my part and my part seems to widen a bit as it gets to the spot. I’m not sure how long it’s been there I’ve been caring for my daughter who had cancer and didn’t really have time to look in the mirror. The spot has not grown that I can see but there are some shorter hairs around it. My hairdresser looked for other spots and there are none. No one seems to be very concerned about the spot should I be?

    • If it’s alopecia areata, then if you aren’t worried about it, it’s fine. Unless the hair loss is caused by thyroid issues, alopecia isn’t a symptom of anything more dangerous. It’s just hair falling out. It might be worth a trip to the doctor, but it sounds just like alopecia areata to me. If you want treatment for it, a doctor can help. Its possible for it to get worse, but alopecia isn’t anything too concerning beyond the cosmetic issues.

  66. Some people with Alopecia Areata turned out to be allergic to soy(products) or to have a deficiency in certain vitamins or amino acids. Last monday I discovered a pretty large bald spot on the right side of my head. Since my scalp has been itching for over two years (starting on the same spot that is now competely bald) and according to the doctor it was a kind of eczema – nothing to worry about – , I didn’t like to touch my head, because I was afraid it would turn worse. Without meaning to I rubbed the spot because it was itching a lot. It felt very odd tot the touch and I went to look in the mirror. To be greeted with a vision of horror… The spot is about 6cm by 2cm and is just completely bald and white with it. I have very dark hair, so the contrast couldn’t be bigger. I immediately thought I had some kind of cancer and my hands started shaking and I was sort of crying and almost hyperventilating and crumbling to the ground, I was that shocked! I also found a smaller spot on the back of my head. I wasn’t aware of the spots at all, because I have rather thick hair. Naturally I made an appointment with the doctor as soon as I could and I’ve been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata just two days ago. And no treatment has been proposed. I just have to wait and see if and when my hair grows back. Well, I’m not one for just sitting back and wait, so I looked up all the information I could about this horrible disease (and yes I know, I’m not dying of it, but it ‘kills’ me just the same, so please spare me your sermonizing) . What I have found out, among other things, is that A.A. can be caused by an allergy to soy. I’ve been eating a lot of soy these past two years and have been using soy milk too…Also, some A.A. patients turned out to have insufficient amino acids in their system. I’m goint to insist on having my blood tested to make sure that this is NOT the case with me. Only then will I accept (for a while at least) that it is A.A. and that there is nothing I can do about it. If I have new information regarding this topic, I will be happy to share it..

  67. Thanks for being so transparent in your journey, my 8 year old lost patches of hair last year and we went to dermatologist who told us he does not have alopecia, and he did not have ringworm either! 3 months after that his hair starts to grow back and it took about 2 months for it to come fully back. Now, almost 7 months later I see his hair is thinning and he is getting a circle in the front of his head. I just decided that I am going to go to another dermatologist, because I feel he has alopecia! So, I am now at the computer every day searching and looking for help!

  68. I’m a 26 year old male and I know exactly how you feel … Went through this in high school , hair came back … Then 9 months ago , a big patch started right on my Jawline… It’s been embarrassing but I just shave and it’s harder to tell , I’ve embraced it …. Now I have the white /grey hairs ,the area is now quarter size , any suggestions ???

    Thank you for posting this , helped me feel better

  69. Thank you for this. Really, thank you.

    I had a spot on the base of my neck that felt a little off for a few months and at work I was bored and decided to take a picture of it to see it.

    I have a quarter size bald spot. Completely bald and smooth…and I noticed tiny black hairs around it almost like stubble…and I read below that you mentioned those would be in the process of falling out.

    I’m beyond devasted. I have a lot of interviews coming up and I’m terrified of finding more in visible places. My sister had been battling with Alopecia a few years back but I never really thought about it until today. I’m pretty convinced I may have now too.

    I called a dermatologist and made an appt for early next week. I know I should be calm but it’s soooo upsetting. Even if I have felt thag spot for a few months, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  70. Thank you for posting this first of all! About 3 weeks ago I noticed a silver dollar size patch of hair missing and since then it have gotten larger to the point I can’t wear my hair up with out noticing it. I currently don’t have any insurance and asked a friend of mine who is a nurse what I should do and she suggested prenatal vitamins after asking me if I have been overly stressed. I have been experiencing a great amount of stress both personally and professionally and all the time people say that I need to stop stressing….well if I knew how to stop I would. Anyways I’m sorry for ranting but do you know anything I can do at home to help if so please please please help. I almost cry when I look in the mirror I know its hair but my 4 year old daughter makes me cry when she asks me if she can do my hair and I say no because I dont want her to see it or the hair to possibly fall out.

  71. My first bald patch appeared at the age of 11. The very first treatment I was suggested was local injections. You can only imagine how much I was psychologically traumatized by this, at such sensitive age. Since then I have been fighting alopecia areata with many treatments, none of which offered a permanent solution. The worst of all was that, at first, the doctors made me believe that there was actually a cure for this condition. Of course I was devastated when I realised that I have to learn to live with it.The last 4 years I have been consulting a psychologist in order to help me with my anxiety issues, which stimulate this problem. There has been a remarkable improvement. Nevertheless, I always remember myself – even at the best periods of my life- having a small bald patch, just to remind me that the problem is there and I must not neglect it. Now I am 26 years old, I have somehow come to terms with it – after all it is just hair- and I even wear hair extensions if it is needed, just to elevate my confidence. And that is all. Life goes on…
    Thank you for sharing your story!

  72. I don’t think this is what I have but it’s still horrible so I k ow how u feel…when I was little till maybe junior years of homeschool I had hair down to my butt.I cut it one day in midst of a rebel fase and it just WILL NOT GROW BACK .it’s thin unmanageable…it’s almost like my when head is split ends .I can’t straighten it curl it and wearing extensions is the only thing that helps me feel better but I know that’s not helping at all a woman that feels less than…what should I do ..I have no insurance

  73. Hi my name is Maribel I just read your story and I have 3 bald spots I don’t think they are getting bigger I really need your help I feel like I have the same thing you do . I went to the doctor and they said it can be fungus but it’s not itchy nor red and I don’t get flakes they also don’t hurt .. I don’t know what to do Iam scared that they will get bigger ..

    • FIrst off: It’s okay and normal to be scared. Secondly, it doesn’t sound like your doctor definitely said it was fungus. Press them to give you a real diagnosis. If you still don’t think it’s correct, get a second opinion.

  74. In April 2012 I started losing large amounts of hair, then figured out I had multiple bald spots all over my head at least the size of a quarter. Saw my PCP who instantly knew I had alopecia areata Made an appt with a derm dr and had labs done.I shaved what was left of my hair bcuz by that time I had lost 70% of it. I tried Luziq (sp?) Foam….never worked decided to stop the foam bcuz of a blog I read…the blog said that it’s different for everyone and basically it will do what it wants to do and eventually start growing…when?….who knows. I took my chances. 2 months later it started growing. I finally have my hair grown to almost a bob cut…and its happening again. One big spot and a small one. I have itching, its sore on the crown of my head,…all drs dont tell u the gorey details. U can get small irritating pimples that go away. I have found that where its getting irritated with the tiny pimples is where my next bald spot will be. I have learned to be strong for my girls because…even though this sux and it can happen over and over. Even though you’ll hear people say it could always be worse…if you think about it…be proud of who you are. Beauty is def not on the outside. We are all gorgeous. Bald, patchy, or full heads of hair. Be strong. I know I’m gonna try! Maybe one day there will be a cure for this till then I’m just gonna keep on living…bald or not..guess thats up to the alopecia 🙂

    • That is a great attitude. Now that I’m three years in, I’m having a much easier time reminding myself that life goes on and that if I just own the fact that my hair falls out and everyone’s life has its problems, I have a much easier time with it.

  75. Im 17 years old i got those injections when i got diagnosed with alopecia I put on oils everyday for my hair and drink a whole bunch of pills… Its been about two weeks, if i feel the little hairs on my bald spots, does that mean that my hair is possibly growing back ?

  76. This is the exact same thing I’m going through. I just started anthralin and I am definitely noticing a difference. I also have a very large patch on the top of my head and I can no longer effectively conceal my bald spots. I’m a high school senior, I’m 18 and I first started noticing my bald spots in 6th grade. So I’ve been dealing with this for about 7 years. It’s really difficult especially right now, but hopefully my spots will start growing in soon

  77. Hello… I had thinning hair since 2005 but didn’t do much about it. Then in 2010 a co worker told me I was losing my hair and that’s when I truly noticed I had random spots on the top of my head. I was upset more so at my family and friends who didn’t seem to see the hair loss…especially my hairdresser who claimed I had a cowlick or the scalp was just whiter than the rest of my body…I’m a dark Asian… So i was confused about what 9 people were telling me and the one person who said it was thinning. Mind u I became obsessed with taking photos of the top of my head in many different angles. So…a little history… I am anemic, have diabetes type two, and suffer from frozen shoulder (considered an auto immune disease). I also was under a great deal of stress between the years of 2008 to 2012 –new stressful job, mother passed, best friend passed, bro in laws father passed, my father passed, and dealing with a very guilty and unhealthy relationship and dealing with a broken heart because of it. I had all tests done… Gynecological, endoscopical, colonoscopy, all to figure out what was going on. and found that my very low iron level and diabetes could be the cause… After doing two iron infusions and making sure my glucose results were in good standing, my derm suggested the kenalog. After three treatments (6 weeks apart) think it is growing back…but I have this one spot smack dab where my bangs used to be that seems very stubborn… It is a bright white spot that when I take a pic of my scalp the white spot is highlighted in the photo if I took flash or not… I do not know if that means sorry Charlie but that area is permanently gone or what : (. I have been using Joan rivers great hair day and it was a godsend. I could see that the fill in powder was making it look like I had a full set of hair…all of a sudden people started noticing my great healthy hair…these are the same that didn’t think I was thinning. To me I was like ok so now u clearly see a difference? Now I progressed to toppik which for me works soooooooooooo much better. I bought several bottles of it so I wouldn’t have the fear I would run out… But I also noticed that the white spot in the middle would not take to the toppik we’ll. it was like the hair in that are was too thin and it was just scalp covered by a few strands… I’m hoping because the oils are building up and the keratin fibers don’t cling well if the area is oily or wet… But I’m hoping that is a sign of oils being produced because scalp inflammation is down. Right now, I am 60 percent sure my hair is growing back… But till not at the level I can not be conscious of it… The keratin fibers, toppik,have given me my confidence back… And now after reading your blog I am more hopeful than ever… My hair seemed to be diffusing everywhere on top… I rarely found a patch of bald… But I could see the sparse hairs over my scalp… I also would like to mention that I was loosing so much hair on my pillow, in the shower, on my clothes, and when I just brushed or ran my fingers thru my hair… And now nothing in my pillow or clothes… Very light in the shower or when I brush oruse my fingers to comb my hair…the dr did say this would take two years to come back… It is a long, scary journey… Many sleepless and crying nights over it… Than u again for the pictures and for sharing your story….

  78. What can you do if your a boy? I have 2 on the back of my head and i’m only 17 i no for boys they can just go bald but i will not do that, and i have literally found another tiny one on top of my head about 10 minutes ago, i can cover them thank god and i can see the white hairs growing back on the two on the back of my head, but i do not mind having white hair at all it saves me so much time trying to hide them unless i am in my house as that’s where I feel comfortable weather there showing or not. My doctor gave me a cream to put on them twice a day its like a steroid cream but it did not make a difference and I use Alpecin shampoo as it is meant to help loss of hair hair and regrows the roots. Girls can get wigs, extensions but what can boys do? I really do not want to go bald at least not yet and all my family know and my 2 teachers know so they let me know if they see it but never do as i can hide it, but the one on top of my head will be visible to everyone if it gets bigger I suppose wearing hats will help but what if it keeps getting bigger? I feel very uncomfortable wearing jackets without hoods as I get all paranoid and think everyone can see them even though they most likely can’t. Any information to help would be grateful and I feel so good to see that someone has posted exactly the very same thing I am going through and know how it feels.. Fair play to you I wouldn’t have the guts and I’m glad you posted that your after making a lot of us feel good as you can relate to what were going through!

    • Thank you. I don’t know what boys can do if they aren’t comfortable with the bald look. I’ve honestly been glad more than once since this started that I’m a girl and I have really long hair, since it gives me so many options. I’m very sorry about all that, but hopefully some other guy will chime in here with his thoughts.

      • I suppose as you said there is a lot worse things out there that people suffer from, baldness can’t be that bad, I will be going back to my doctor first thing in the morning to see if he has any other suggestions on what to use, the Alpecin shampoo which has caffeine in it seemed to have helped more then the cream I got off my doctor.. Also my cousin has had it and she now has a full head of hair again so i hope that the same will happen with me 🙂 .. As you said about the white hairs, is it a good thing that they come back, so that could possibly mean my hair will grow back, but for good or not we don’t know? Also my hair feels very thin by my scalp did this happen with you too as I always have had thick jet black hiar?

        • I have found that no matter what medicine I use, it takes a minimum of a month, but really more like 6 weeks or so to be able to tell whether it’s working or not. If there are white hairs, it means your hair is coming back. The color will come, especially if you keep using the medicine. Yes, it is always possible for it to fall out again in the future, but I have found that it’s a little easier emotionally the second time around because you know what it is, and it’s facing demons you’ve faced before. The first time I spent months not knowing, and I think that had a lot to do with how bad it’s gotten. The second and third times for me I lost far, far less hair because as soon as I saw a tiny bald spot, I started putting the medicine on right away. The white hair coming in always feels thin, partially because there are fewer hairs if all of the follicles haven’t healed yet, and partially because the white hairs are much skinnier than the regular black ones.

          • Thank you very very much for all you have told me and to make me see that there is a lot worse things to be facing than just my hair falling out! Yes I have been thinking to myself that if it comes a second time around at least I have faced it before and I will know exactly what to do. My doctor told me today to just stay positive about it and has giving me a different cream to rub in on the spots which is called Betnovate Cream although I’m not sure what it will do and to also eat plenty of Iron foods also looked at the hairs with a magnifying glass and said that through the white hairs he could also see black roots coming through, so ‘Were slowly winning the Alopecia’ he said 🙂 So I’m just going to use the cream and also keep using my Alpecin shampoo.. Once again thank you very much and I am so happy to have come across your story! 🙂

  79. I just finished reading your blog and I’m in tears. You are so courageous! My son was diagnosed with alopecia when he was about 2 years old. As he’s gotten older the alopecia seems to be getting worse. He’s 13 now and I have to say his alopecia is the worst I’ve seen on him. He has almost lost half of his hair. I can still cover up some of the spots with his hair and some makeup but I know the day will soon come when I can no longer cover it. He is currently on anthralin. Has been on it for a week now. Oddly enough he has not been getting the allergic reaction the doc mentioned he would get. Not sure if this means anthralin is not going to work. Do you know of any other possible treatments?

    • The anthralin won’t work for at least six weeks or so. Are you using the short-contact therapy? That”s where you leave it on for 15 minutes or so. If he’s not getting a response, you can leave it on a little longer.

  80. Thanks for your words on alopecia areata. Your personal story is much appreciated an informative. I keep coming back to this blog because it’s the only thing I’ve read on the subject that makes me feel hopeful. I discovered my alopecia areata in January – a coin size. I was startled, and tried to stay calm. February I got my first corticosteroid injections, and again earlier in March. Mine seems to spread from the original spot with no additional occurances anywhere else on my head. It creeps out from the edges slow but steady. I think I freak out more everytime is creeps to the towards the top of my head. If this keeps happening it will start showing. My hair is fine and thin to begin with. I wanted to know how many months for you did it actually stop. I find I am constantly checking to see how many strands have come loose… I don’t know how to keep my mind occupied on anything else… for any length of time. Also, I am happy with the corticosteroid injections, but what do suggest is the best option you used to help the spreading? Thanks in advance.

    • The amount of time it took to stop varies for me. Usually the steroids stopped it getting worse pretty abruptly, and took about a month before there was noticeable regrowth. The steroids acted the fastest of anything, but now I just use the anthralin cream–it takes longer, but I’m very small and had more side effects than normal from the steroid injections. I know what you mean about the constant checking and inability to think of anything else. I don’t know if this is helpful, but it seems so far for me, it gets worse in the winter and then when spring comes it gets much, much better. It’s possible it’s just me, though. I hope you see some improvement soon!

      • Thanks for the response. I thought I would give an update here in case anyone else reading too finds it helpful. I got my third injections two days ago in the one growing spot I have. It does seem to suppress the hair loss and I do notice the original area (now in the middle of the patch) growing more and more hairs that are still really fine. Just recently I have noticed a spot appearing at the nape of my neck and in the hairline in the front. It’s pretty stressful to find new areas… So I can see how upsetting that was for you. From January until now it was always just the one area spreading for me. I can only hope the newer areas show less progression. In the meantime I am waiting for blood test results and my Dr doesn’t want to continue with the corticosteroid injections and would rather refer me to a dermatologist and let them decide. I think I will make that appointment…… And yes, I have wondered about the seasons. I wondered if that could be a strange addition to the patterns of loss and growth. This is why it helps talking to others… Hopeful insight. It’s kind of an obsessive thing, but reading from your blog actually helps me relax and have those good days. So thanks again.

        • Have you tried onion juice?

          I am on my 2nd month trying onion and I can say that and the combination of steroid shots has helped tremendously!

          I have long white hairs sprouting all over the scalps bald patch. The only downside, which I don’t really care about, is when I go to the gym and sweat it smells like onions!ha!
          Hardly a problem for me but it took a bit for me to get over it.

          My nightly routine is:
          Onion juice on my scalp (I keep the juice in the fridge no more than 3 days)
          leave it on for a few hours
          Wash it off before bed.
          Apply cortisone foam. Wait 15 mins. Apply Rogaine.

          Sounds like a lot but it’s gotten so routine.

          oh and the full onion study can be found here:

  81. I just have to say I’ve had Alopecia totalis for almost 1 years now. My hair has almost fully grown back. Best feeling in the world. Here’s how. I had lost all my hair at the age of 18. I went to go see a specialist, but decided against using any medications or steroids & I’m glad I did since they can be harmful. I realized Alopecia is the body’s way of dealing w/ an imbalance. My diet was horrible. I wasn’t eating enough so I wasn’t getting proper nutrition. Even though I was 5′ 9″ sitting at a healthy weight of 155Ibs obviously alopecia was my body’s way of telling me something was wrong. I decided to get more sleep, eat less junk food, workout, & drink lots of water. Surprisingly within 4 months most all my hair grew back. Now I’ve got 2 small patches left that are filled completely w/ white hairs. 3 more months & I will have defeated alopecia. glad it happened because now I learned a lot about my health. I believe there is only one solution to alopecia & its not medication & steroids. Rethink your diet. Do you have healthy eating habits? Do you drink at least 10 glasses of water a day? Do you get 8-10 hours of sleep? Do you drink/smoke? Its pretty simple. Do you have the willpower to change your ways? If so you should see some hair growth in a few months. Sometimes the answer can be so obvious its right there in front of you the whole time. Good luck to everyone. Sorry about my rant. Thanks 😉

    • I think that is wonderful your hair grew back and that you’ve become healthier because of it all. I just wanted to add that their happen to be millions of really healthy people with alopecia. I think the disease is a very individual thing. What works for one won’t work for another.

    • Jordan I don’t mean this in any offence way, it’s just that I know both boys and girls named Jordan as you probably know boys and girls called Nicky in which I am a boy, just wondering are you a boy too? If so you know how frustrating it can be too as we have nothing to cover our spots with.. I plan to try what you did as I am just hitting 18 next month.. And hope for the best by doing what you’ve done!! 🙂 Please reply!

    • I too notice my first bald spot back in October 2013(on the day of my birthday , will knew forget it), I cried and was definitely stress out , it’s was when I had just recently started a new job and the time of adjustment had really put a number on me , from then on I had notice a second spot on the very top of my head, and that the first which is on the side of head and increase in size greatly(originally a size of a quarter to something much more visible) , sometime begining of this year I finally got the nerve to second an appointment with a dermatologist , she gave me the kenalog injection right on the spots where I was bald and prescribe me a topical cream(ketocanzole) and just like you , she diagnose me alopecia areata . By time I got my 3 injection or rather the third visit , I notice that she was more intense with the injection and apply it in areas where I had hair, I must say it really bother me when she did that but I didn’t question, but now as I writing to you I have a total of 6 spots and I must 3 of there are very visible and I part my hair to the side to hide it. but it’s has great stress and grief, I told have wonder if I have fungus or has it been because of dying my hair so much.I will say this I have stop going to dermatologist , since that 3rd injection because I feel that that new spots that I have now are the very spots she apply injection where I previously had hair .But this has burden greatly I don’t know what to do, a girl who once was consider to have so much hair, that I give someone else and still have(as my mom would say) to know contemplating shaving my hair off and wearing a wig just to avoid more embarrassment.

  82. I am twenty four and scared. Can u email me? I can’t get insurance and and my husband pointed it out to me. I’m not attractive and all I had was my red hair.

  83. Hey there, I was recently diagnosed with vitiligo–another autoimmune disease. I really liked what you wrote about your story–very inspiring and almost calming. Recently, I’ve adopted this huge fear that I have alopecia. No loss of hair in patches or anything, but my scalp has been really itchy lately and I’ve had more dandruff than normal. Should I mention it to my dermatologist? I don’t want to sound crazy, but I’m truly concerned. What do you think? Thanks!

    • If you’re worried about it, I would talk to your doctor. As I’ve said before, my alopecia has never itched or given me more than average dandruff amount. But everyone’s experience is different, and it won’t hurt to mention it to your doctor.

  84. I have a bd spot in the bottom back of my head and I went to the dermatologist and he told me I had Alopecia Areta and he prescribed me these drops to put on the bald spot called. Betamethasone. I’ve been using it for months but I just feel like my bald spot is betting bigger! Now it looks like I’m getting another bald spot on the front side of my head. This is all just so depressing! I had such gorgeous curly hair and now it’s super thin weak and balding 😦

    Did you ever notice any pimples on your bald spot as the hair was growing back?

    • Once or twice I’ve found pimples where my bald spots were. But I can’t remember exactly if they were as it was getting better or worse.

      Try going back to your doctor for a different method. There are other medicines that can help if the topical steroid isn’t working.

      • Just relax all of you.. I had a small patchy hair loss in my beard almost a size of 20 cents coin.. I went to see a doctor and he told me it’s alopecia areata.. He gave me couple of lotion to apply on affected area and also assured me it’s curable..I googled a lot on same and realised that it’s due to stress mainly unless its hereditary .. I correlated it my life style n realised that I was going through tremendous amount of mental a swell as physical stress.. My partner was studying n I had to work two jobs to pay her uni fees… On top of that was thinking a lot on how to manage my liabilities.. But I immediately gave up on one of my job to reduce physical stress plus I started enjoying myself to keep myself away from stupid thoughts n thereby reducing mental stress as well … It’s been 4 months and have seen a drastic improvement as half of my spot is covered with proper hair.. So my advise to you guys is just chill n don’t stress out… I know how it feels but we all have to stay positive … Bring a change to your lifestyle .. Sometimes carefree attitude work in your favour ;).. Love u all cheers

  85. I too notice my first bald spot back in October 2013(on the day of my birthday , will knew forget it), I cried and was definitely stress out , it’s was when I had just recently started a new job and the time of adjustment had really put a number on me , from then on I had notice a second spot on the very top of my head, and that the first which is on the side of head and increase in size greatly(originally a size of a quarter to something much more visible) , sometime begining of this year I finally got the nerve to second an appointment with a dermatologist , she gave me the kenalog injection right on the spots where I was bald and prescribe me a topical cream(ketocanzole) and just like you , she diagnose me alopecia areata . By time I got my 3 injection or rather the third visit , I notice that she was more intense with the injection and apply it in areas where I had hair, I must say it really bother me when she did that but I didn’t question, but now as I writing to you I have a total of 6 spots and I must 3 of there are very visible and I part my hair to the side to hide it. but it’s has great stress and grief, I told have wonder if I have fungus or has it been because of dying my hair so much.I will say this I have stop going to dermatologist , since that 3rd injection because I feel that that new spots that I have now are the very spots she apply injection where I previously had hair .But this has burden greatly I don’t know what to do, a girl who once was consider to have so much hair, that I give someone else and still have(as my mom would say) to know contemplating shaving my hair off and wearing a wig just to avoid more embarrassment.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. I just recently discovered two bald spots in the back of my head and I am getting married in 2 months. Needless to say, I was really disappointed, frustrated and scared to discover them. I saw a dermatologist the next day. She gave me steroid injections, and will do so every three weeks. She was very encouraging, hopeful that we could get a little hair back by my wedding day, even just to cover my scalp; I am hoping she is right. I have the deepest respect for people like you and others who deal with this on a regular and wide spread basis; hair is something most take for granted. Thank you again for posting, your courage and humility is really awesome.

  86. I’m 31yr old female and I got my first bald patch on top of my head, April 7 (this year), 2nd patch next day and was red. I thought it was a ringworm. On the 3rd day I saw my Dermatologist and told me I have Alopecia Areata and not to worry my hair will not fall off. And no it wasn’t a ringworm. I got Kenolg shots and she found another patch. She also told me to take otc Biotin. Which I did and still am. I also started taking Fish Oil with D3, and prenatals. The next week I found another patch (5 patches in April). Did blood work on thyroid and anemia and everything was normal. In May, got 2 more. Went for my 2nd round May 7 and was concerned about my first patch not showing any signs of growth and bc I got no patches. Again she said my hair will not fall out (meaning I will not go bald) and told me to stop reading Google (I’m Google Queen). So she prescribed Olux-E foam and 5% Rogaine. She gave me 7 shots which this time HURT! I came out crying. I did not get the Olux-E bc it was $368 with insurance! Only used Rogaine. Wish I didn’t bc I shed so much hair! I stopped using it last week. Not sure if the Rogaine is what caused me to lose so much hair or it is part of Alopecia Areata. I cried off and on throughout May. June 4 went for 3rd round of shots and I had 8 patches. I told her about my hair falling 250+ hairs on wash day and 150 no wash days. She said shots shouldn’t cause my hair to fall and ordered blood work to check hormones, testosterone, and ferritin. All came back normal. I have hair growth on my patches and my 1st one being the biggest at 1″ (slowly spreading). My 2nd patch the one I thought was a ringworm has so much little black hairs makes me feel so much better but don’t understand why my first patch is so stubborn and has very little growth. I now found 2 tiny patches by my bangs area. Does this mean my Alopecia is still active? I don’t see my Derm in July since I will be out of state for the summer so she prescribed Clobetsol topical solution $24 (much better). Did your head shed so much? If so, how long did it last? My hair was thin to begin with and now it is super thin and fine. I’m also using Nioxin and Mane and Tail conditioner. I cried today bc I’m just tired of looking in the mirror and seeing my baldness. The 2nd patch is by my bangs and even though hairs growing, the patch is still noticeable. I’m healthy as can be, never sick, don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs, I run every day, eat right, my nails are good. Why me? My brothers who are alcoholics and don’t eat and drink water, have full set of hair! I just don’t understand. Nobody in my family has had this either. And stress, my life is great much better than ever. Only stress I can think of is running a marathon in February. My body was hurting with stiff sure muscles! Since there is hair growth in 2mths, is that a good sign? Ugh, even the nape of my neck is thinning. BUT I can still cover my patches that’s a good thing AND I have my health. Let Go and Let God!

  87. After reading all the comments, no one seems to have what my grandson has. He just turned 3 and after his last haircut I noticed his hair had a baldish patch, but I thought the barber just cut it shorter than the rest. Then he developed another patch on the side if his head. The strange thing is though that these patches were never bald or smooth. He has blonde, not white, hair in these patches. He is going to see the doctor soon but we are wondering what this could be. He has dark brown hair and these 2 very blonde patches. After researching, some possibilitiesI have come up with are alopecia areata, poliosis, thyroid problem or could he just have rubbed those spots out from sleeping and it’s growing back blonde? He sleeps with his head touching the corner of the wall no pillow. We were actually surprised he didn’t have blonde hair as a toddler as both his parents did and they later turned brunette. So does anyone have any experience with this scenario? As I said, there was never a bald spot, just 2 patches of very light blonde hair so far.

  88. Hi! Thanks so much for this! I am a young woman (just turned 30 in May) that is currently going through the same thing. I had a tiny little spot in the beginning of March, then a month later I found another one over the size of a quarter! Now a little over 3 months later after the discovery of the first tiny bald spot I have a total of SIX spots. The largest one towards the crown of my head about the size of about 4 quarters now! I went to a hair loss specialist about 2 months ago and she gave me a shot of biotin in my butt and prescribed me biotin to take orally as well. However, it only got worse. I finally went to see my dermatologists today (I too was without insurance) and he gave me about 15 shots of cortisone in my scalp and prescribed me a topical steroid, fluocinonide. I hope it works!! I am just curious as to what has happened to you since this post, and did your hair ever grow back completely? I am currently scared that I will end up completely bald and I’m praying that you can give me a little hope. Thanks so much…..

    • Kandace, I currently have 10 patches and I was diagnosed early April. My big ones are at 1 1/2in have a lot of hair growth. Those are the ones I got in April. The ones in mid May I also see growth but not as much as my big ones as I can comb those back now. You can still see the bad patch but also black where hair is growing in the middle. I still have all my hair and thankfully the hair falling has slowed down a bit. I do the kenalog shots and August will be my 4th time and hopefully my last. I’m also putting Topical Clobetsol every night on my patches. Every once in awhile I’ll rub tea tree oil just incase it’s bacterial. I am also taking 10,000 biotin with keratin vitamins and prenatal pills everyday and fish oil 3x a week. I’m using Nioxin shampoo as well as Mane and Tail conditioner. Sometimes I’ll use VO5 bc it has biotin and it makes me hair thicker since I thinned out a lot since having alopecia. As for going bald, I though about that since day 1. Google was my worst enemy and I couldn’t stay off of it. I cried everyday but if I was going to lose my hair, it would have fallen by now. My bf and I broke up bc of me always talking, crying and stressing about my hair and to be honest, I have not thought about my hair how I use too. My mind is somewhere else now. I comb put on Clobetsol and go about my day. I’m glad I can still cover my patches but of a little bit shows, it’s ok.

  89. i also have the same problem as you. I keep getting bald spots around my head at times. I think its caused by stress.

  90. Bugger prednisone, its like a middle ground between heroin withdrawal and compulsive eating syndrome w/ imminent obesity a pound closer a day and horrid cold sweat shakes

    Try veterinary products of the sulfur in oil w/ some other ingredients variety (M-T-G, nu-stock, etc) – PROVEN to work on ALL mammals for just this and other hair loss, but unpatentable and not worth going through FDA approval for human use due to being folk remedies thatd just get generic supplement status after humongous expenses. The VETERINARY STUFF WORKS!

    Also, might as well get the otc veterinary version of the all-bug-n-parasite slaying all mammal and yes human approved but prescription only ivermectin while youre at it….slays ringworm mites lice etc that could be an undiagnosed cause, and annihilates all manner of parasites that could be causing vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition or stress on body. Universally used routinely in case in tropical countries with access to medicine, but FDA decided to reserve it for “preventing resistance” as a second line script from specialists 40 years ago- ignoring how modern tourism and immigration spread weird stuff from all over the globe. AND how every food animal youve ever eaten and most pets youve met get some form of it monthly (bimectin or equimax or ivermec for cattle, hartgud for cats and dogs) anyway. Routine prevention. Can randomly nuke anything from “acne” to rosacea to random rashes, annihilates dandruff, etc….SOOO much “little stuff” docs cant diagnose. And harmless. All mammals get the same 0.2mg /kg weight EXCEPTION some dog breeds due to mutation, very young kittens but not adult cats due to one ancient documented unknown death not known to be related but footnoted in all literature and requoted incessantly. Safe for adult cats. Safe for humans. Bill and Melinda Gates treat whole villages and counties for free in poor countries, administering to everyone the moment any of a number kf diseases manifest in any one person, and oreventively every year after that. Vets prescribe it monthly to all species regardless, just to be safer.

    Animal version costs $3 for 5-10 doses depending on your weight… Made in USA by reputable pharma company. While human generics cost a hundred bucks a dose for shady copies from india. Lol.

  91. I am 16 and have the worst case of alopicia areata there isnt a single hair group on my head that joins up. I have one huge bald patch on the back of my head that covers quarter of my head and lots of medium to small ones aswell.

  92. Thank you for posting this I must say I feel better and you gave me a little hope whilst the same time kind of sketched me out at first because in your case (or anyone’s with comes progress first sometimes gets a little worse before better. I am a 22 year old man, today I was laying on my bed and my boyfriend came out of the shower and exclaimed I had a bald spot. I ran to the bathroom grabbed a mirror and looked it was a little bigger then a sliver so initially I freaked and hunted down anything on the internet I could. Like you I didn’t know what was happening, thought I should call my dad, thought about how unhygienic I possibly could, almost cried. After stressing I read your post half convinced with clarity as you said that I have alepecia. I am very nervous because I did realize that for the past week and a half ago I was touching the back of my head but thought nothing of it (with no sensation as you noted). I am going to make an appointment with my P c p and search for a dermatologist as we’ll. I hope things are still thoroughly progressing and growing well for you & thank you for your post and for showing me that I need to just see this through as I am a lil freaked out and giving me someone to talk to, I may be back. Pat

  93. Thank you so much. That was very inspiring. I have one big spot in the back left side of my head… at first it didn’t bother me but at the water park it was clearly out in the open and now I can’t even where my hair down and I have always prided in my hair. It does hurt your feelings though. Also I do not have insurance. My 3 kids 9, 5, and 3, my fiance and I have been bouncing around for a job opportunity in the Atlanta area and now have been in a hotel for 2 months we are in the process of buying a house, oh and our 3 month old Doberman Shepherd. The hotel costs us $314 a week! So it takes all of our money just to live in one room with all of us, needless to say I’m stressed out. Also they try to help me by telling me that they see my spot, which only reminds me about it…does not make me feel like a good mommy for some reason. Thank you for the insight and I hope to hear from you soon:)

  94. Thank you for your story. My hair started falling in May this year. I had really long flowing locks. As it got worse and worse I had a bob cut as could not tie up. Now I have lost the majority of my hair and have started to wear a wig. Which was the only thing I never wanted to happen. This journey is the hardest thing I have had to endure, as I’m sure it is for many of you. But there is hope, I too have white regrowth. I just hope it hurrys up! It’s easy saying don’t be upset, it’s only hair, it’s only vanity. But so what?! I loved my long hair, I can’t wait for it to grow back as with my hair loss so too was the loss of my confidence. I try and be strong, as you all will too and to be honest I’m a lot stronger now that I was in the beginning, perhaps because it is now a surety it will all go, because it almost has. All too often I hear “embrace it”, but I don’t want to, I want it to stop. Thank you for your post. It is nice to hear about the strength of others in the same awful situation and not to feel so isolated. 😘

  95. thank you for posting this , i found this page from an image search , the pactch on the back of your neck is identical to what i discovered on myself last night . I am in tears, but going to see a dermatologist as soon as i can .

  96. i too have this at the nape of my neck and around my ears i have lost about a 2 inch border all the way across my neck and it is burning as i type!..went to gp 3 days ago he said i better get a referral sent to dermatology for you, thats a 12 week wait! about a year ago i had surgery and my hair started thinning badly, dermatologist said i had chronic tellogen effluvium it seemed to get better now this? i feel like running away, my mum has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and im trying to support her through it! im going back tomorrow to say to my gp the burning pain is so bad!

  97. Awesome to read this, I was diagnosed with CCCA, Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia. I have written about it on my blog, and yes like you ladies I went through the gamut of tests from my primary doctor, and dermatologist, even did the steroid cream and pills for 9 months. and what I would like to say, although it is very necessary and important to start there, get the right diagnosis and treatment, but eventually you have to treat the issue internally, which is the stage I am in. I see from the comments that some experience that although you see progress, some bald spots still remain, or that the alopecia comes and goes and you have to start on the shots/creams/pills one more time. I believe alopecia is your body showing symptoms of something not right internally: vitamin deficiency, candida/fungal overgrowth, inflammation and the only long term treatment is to address those slowly. That’s my piece of advice, untested of course because I am still recovering , it can’t hurt to address them while you are following doctors orders.

    • I totally agree with sankofapower! A lot of external inflammatory reactions stem from an internal cause. Our skin is the largest and one of the hardest working organs of the body with a pretty tough job, and everything that goes into the body must come back out, and if not through the digestive tract, it’s the skin! Not to mention protecting the body from external threats as well. Most skin problems are a result of a breakdown in the defense mechanisms of the skin or even its way of fighting back against something that is threatening homeostasis, even if it’s itself (autoimmune) such as in alopecia.

  98. Hi
    Great article. I’ve been having the same issue for the past 4 years. Not as bad a yours though. I have a lot of hair so doctors were basically looking at me like I was crazy. Finally I went to a 4th dermatologist and she gives me steroids shots. The hair grew. But now it started back. My issue is more at the top of my head and it itches so bad. My doctor calls the condition auto immune disease. Which basically means to me that they can’t figure out how to handle or treat the issue. In the past I used something called espíritu de canela. It burns but it has helped with my itch and hair growth. It was prescribed by my hairdresser. I’m also using something called lemisol is used to wash my private are but one day my head was itching sooo bad and since lemisol gives u a cooling effect when you wash with it that I decided to used it on my hair and it stop the itch. So now I use that and trader Joe’s tea tree shampoo for the itch.
    Glad to know I’m not the only one suffering from this. This could also be stressed related. So get some rest and meditate.
    Good luck and happy hair.

  99. I am 17, and I was diagnosed with alopecia 2 years ago and am now wearing a wig. I just want to say that you are so completely brave for putting those pictures up. Thank you for showing me that all can turn out well. (:

    • Oral steroids wreaked havoc on my body, emotionally and physically. For me, they were not worth it. Having had 70% hair loss 2 years ago, now i only have one small spot. With less stress, more exercise, eating right and not smoking or drinking too much, the hair will grow back. Take care of yourself — often times this is about stress, and the oral steroids cause weight gain and emotional side effects which are more stressful than most things I’ve experienced…

  100. I was diagnosed with alopecia areata but after one dime size patch which I thought was do to ponytails at work…the second quarter size patch came up 😦 and I freaked out went to doc ( paying cash) got thyroid n lupus tests since my grandmother had lupus. . Sent me to dermatologist.. I got steroid injections and Rogain. I don’t like or want to use Rogaine.. Do u feel that the prednisone was the turning point for u? Did it mess with your emotions? I read about it

    • The prednisone was a turning point for me. It did mess with my emotions, and it also gave me pretty serious abdominal pain. I don’t use it anymore–now if I have a bald spot (which I haven’t in over a year), I use anthralin.

  101. This is a great and bold read! Two weeks after my 34th birthday, my husband spotted a quarter size bald spot on my crown. I asked him to take a photo of it. When I viewed the photo, I gasped in horror! Then, I quickly grabbed a mirror and began looking for other spots. Found a second patch to the left of the crown. I never experienced any hair loss in my life until now. You never know what a blessing it is to have a full set of hair until you start losing it in patches. I’ve always had my long signature black hair. I hope one day, I will recover. I am a scientist so immediately I did my research on Alopecia. Most articles about this condition described worst case scenarios including alopecia totalis and universalis. While reading about it, I couldn’t help imagining myself completely bald and losing all of my hair. I found the patches sometime end of October 2014. I used a corticosteriod cream, Synalar 0.01% (which I used for my mild eczema) on my two smooth bald patches. After a month or two, hair regrowth was evident. While using the cream, I also started taking centrum multivitamin for women and fish oil every day. I also incorporated soy protein, tofu and salads (lots of greens) into my diet. Also, I drink lots of pure green tea and water. I’m not into red meat so I stick with lean, grilled chicken. My hair regimen consists of shampooing/conditioning twice or thrice a week. Keep in mind: if you wash your hair too often, it will become dry and if you wash irregularly, it will become oily and cause dirt build up. Find a balance and stick to it. I did not go to any doctors, I decided to change to a healthy diet since father time is against us all. This year, I will definitely try and get some blood work done. It has been a little over three months and the left patch is 75% recovered and the crown is halfway there. What I learned in dealing with alopecia is never give up! Think positive and fight on. I have only found a couple of hopeful blogs about alopecia including Flame In Bloom. Thank you for sharing your story! It has made me open up and share mine.

  102. I last wrote on here June 17, 2014….Wanna give an update, I had my first bald patch April 7 and by end of May, I had 9 bald patches. Biggest one getting to be 2 and half inches in diameter. By October they were already getting filled in with hair. Hardly noticeable when I used my Toppik powder (Sally’s $26) on patches. My biggest patch was growing out white and dyed that part. It is now its natural brown color. As of now, all bald patches are fully covered!! Have not had a new patch since. I still take vitamins, fish oil, and biotin, when I remember but it’s also good for skin and health so I won’t ever stop. Hope this helps you readers. Hang on tight and remember when hair falls off it has a growing process just like a flower 🙂

  103. First I’m sorry you and everyone else has had this happen. Second, thank you for sharing. I can across this in my search for information as my 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with alopecia aerta four days ago. I’m reeling in fear of her losing all her hair and the impact on her self esteem and emotions. She has already been struggling with her self esteem because she has some discolouration in her teeth (they think from antibiotic she had once when younger) she also needs braces once all her adult teeth come in. At the moment she can hide her spots but it seems the prognosis isn’t very good when onset is in childhood and family history of autoimmune diseases (her dad, grandma and uncle have asthma, her Gma had aa when 13 but her two small spots grew in and never lost hair again) we have been referred to a dermatologist in calgary. Not sure how long the wait will be. I’m anxious to get in although it may just bring about more raw, painful emotions to hear the same thing again and perhaps more such as the prognosis isn’t good. I’m grateful for the support from others who understand the emotional stress and heartache we are going through.

    • Hello. I’m wondering how your daughter made out? My 9 yr old daughter sounds like your daughter. She was just diagnosed with AA too. I’m a mess with worry especially given the prognosis for age of onset. She has about 3 or 4 quarter size spots, but one just appeared today. My daughter too struggles with self esteem. I’m am so worried about her losing all her hair now or even later in her life. I feel so helpless.

      I truly hope your daughter is well and she only had a mild case.

  104. I recently (shortly after my 19th birthday) noticed patches of thinning hair on the crown of my head and the centre of the back of my neck.
    The patch on my crown has stayed much the same, however it seems to be getting smaller slowly. My hair in general seems to have gotten thinner over the past few months – although I only noticed recently due to the fact that my hair is naturally very thick and curly.
    This may be linked to my severe insomnia and depression but I’ve yet to get a professional opinion, this has honestly crushed what little self-esteem I had remaining and I’m getting more and more anxious when I’m around people, just hoping that they don’t notice – and as far as I’m aware noone really has, or at least mentioned it.
    I just hope that it’s temporary and stress-related, which I think may be likely as severe insomnia can cause stress levels to increase dramatically and thinking back over the past 2 months I’ve had to do about 20 assignments for Uni and my insomnia has been terrible. To be honest I think I’d even be happy if the hair loss just stopped at its current stage – as it’s currently almost unnoticeable as far as I am aware.

  105. Thanks So Much for posting your story. I’ve had alopecia now for over 30 years (since I was 13 really, I had a small spot). When I was 17 my hair fell out the worst, more than half my head, spots that kept getting bigger, very scary and upsetting. I also went through the 1st diagnosis of a fungal infection (really not likely I washed my hair daily and never put anything on my head). I did the cortisone injections with a very nice doctor who was one othe first to do mini-injections (instead of one big shot), and within a year most of my hair was back. It still looked funny, and I got a few more spots that were noticable but I never had a fall-out like that 1st year. Over the years I get spots here and there, some noticable, most not. I used to use hair-in-a-can during the spots that would show, but now I just this giant eyeshadow stuff (sorry I forgot the name) that you wet and apply onto your scalp where it’s thin. They sell it at Walmart. It works well. You are brave for sharing your story. I’ve learned to live with the uncertainty. It stinks when I have a spot in the summer — I hate going swimming.

    There is one thing I’d like to mention to anyone who is experiencing this: check out your teeth really well. We all obviously have the tendency towards alopecia, and that’s why we get it. Yes, some say it’s stress related, and you know lots of people have stress and never get this (they probably get something else!). It’s an immune mess-up. And though it’s not been proven, they have noticed that a new spot will line up with some tooth-related problem, ie. you may have a cavity directly inline to the alopecia. Or you may have a bunch of things wrong with your teeth — or pressure coming from your mouth. I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth (removed in my late teens, early twenties), then 2 root canals (in my late 20s, early 30s). During these times, my spots were the worst. When my teeth were pretty much good (for the past 10 years or so), I had very few spots. I just recently let a cavity go — and guess what? Got a spot right in the same area of the scalp that line up with the tooth. I’m not saying teeth totally cause alopecia, but they may possibly contribute to it.

  106. Your blog helped me alot, thank you. I’m 28 yr old female and having almost the exact problem. I thought I losing my hair & turning gray all at once. I feel so ugly and insecure. I’ve been reading every site I can get my hands on & yours us the only one that hit home, thanks again

  107. Mines is happening just like yours with the white hair! No matter what I try it seems to keep getting worse! Devastated I found your article! I called the Dr today and asked for steroids! He knows he referred me to dermatologist but again im like you waiting on my insurance to kick in! I’m really hoping this helps I’m having a hard time coping! Thanks for your input!

  108. I enjoyed reading your story. I know what it feels like to go through this. I first noticed my bald spots in the spring of 2011. The worst was a big one the size of a golf ball on the top of my head. Initially I did the monthly steroid shots as well as a topical steriod solution daily. Although the steroid shots made the hair come in faster, I didn’t like the dents it left in my head. So eventually I stopped doing the shots and the hair eventually came in. I have a few more rounds of bald spots since 2011. But usually when I discover them, they already have signs of some regrowth so I do nothing and in a few months they grow back. Just want to reassure people that, yes, the bald spots usually do grow back on their own. For everyone suffering from this, I would suggest besides checking your thyroid levels, to also have your doctor check your vitamin d levels. Mine are always on the low side, so I have to supplement with vitamin d. I feel like there is a link to this condition and Vitamin D because for me, my spots usually appear in the spring, and regrow by the fall/winter. Besides the vitamin D, I also take a multi vitamin, and supplement with biotin.

  109. Please don’t use anymore commercial shampoos and conditioners. Use shikakai and amla powders. Mix 1 part shikakai to 2 parts amla and make a paste with warm water. Put this paste in your hair and scalp and let it sit and harden for about 30-45 minutes once a week. Three times a week use Wild Growth Hair Oil. Please don’t put anything else in your hair and don’t take any more medicines.

  110. Hey i went through all the same things you went through and i realize that stress is what triggers Alopecia. Whenever im stress that’s when it happens. I’ve had my hair fall out many of times and then grow back but you should be very proud to have come out about your problem, i was very insecure about my appearance when this started to happen to me. What helps my hair to grow back was a product called Alter ego(its a bottle of drops). I really recommend you use it. Goodluck and remember stress is the key to this.

  111. Where Did It All Go?

    For many years I had a full head of hair. About eight years ago I started noticing some changes. My parts were wider and my crown no longer appeared full. I pretty much dismissed it but I did change to a shampoo with biotin.

    About two years ago I gave myself a Sinead O’Connor buzz cut. I wanted to see if I could identify the problem.

    Well I was shocked with what was going on with my hair but I was hopeful. I had about three or four round quarter sized bald patches on my scalp. If that wasn’t enough, my crown was thinning and my front hairline was thinning too.

    I allowed my hair to begin growing back but the bald patches remained and the thinning spread. Trying to let my hair grow with bald patches and major thinning was a disaster.

    Friday night I stood in the bathroom mirror yet again with the clipper in hand. I gave myself a ceasar style cut. Honestly there isn’t much else that I can do.

    I’m 52 years old. It has been several months but not quite a year since I had my last menstrual cycle. Needless to say I am menopausal.

    The hair loss is somewhat hard for me to understand because my mother and grandmother had a full head of hair in their 50’s. So genetically, I am supposed to have a full head of hair.

    My father and brothers do not carry the male patterned baldness gene. Though they keep their hair closely cropped they are not balding at all.

    I now realize that I should have addressed this issue with my doctor two years ago when I first cut my hair and saw the bald patches and extreme thinning. I assumed that it was just menopause. Menopause or not my hair loss is alarming. Even a ceaser cut is eyebrow raising because of all the thinning and bald patches.

    I am going to make an appointment with my primary care physician. I will lay the entire hair loss issue on the table and ask for a referral to see a specialist.

    I have never worn a wig but I do have a nice selection of hats and headwraps. I plan to expand my hat collection.

    I had no idea that this would happen to me. I have seen women with thinning hair but honestly I thought that I would be immune to hair loss.

    I am not upset. I am puzzled. I keep asking myself, “where did it all go?” I can tell you that where ever it went, it does not appear to be coming back.

    **Jade Olive Sage**
    Posted from WordPress for Android

  112. Thanks for this post, I am honestly in a similar position, as I noticed the start of my bald patch during a high stress period in my life earlier this year, and have been faced with the dilema of waiting for insurance in order to make an appointment to go see a dermatologist. Great to read a story similar to mine, I feel like there’s still hope.

  113. I have only one bald spot and no insurance. . My daughter bought me rogain thinking it might help .. what do you think ? I know it’s alopecia 😦

  114. Just found a bald spot on my head about the size of a quarter. This was a week ago. I saw my GP and sje indicated that the ant depressant she prescribed to me for PMDD has alopecia as a side effect. I hadn’t taken it since last month and won’t ever take it again. Tonight my husband said there were tiny hairs in it. Black ones. So I had him tug on them slightly and scratch at them to see if they would come out. They are in there firmly and don’t pull out. I definitely feel him tugging when he does. I’m not sure what it all means. I have an appointment with a dermatologist on Friday but I’m freaking out. Any thoughts?

  115. Don’t give up! I had recovered from bald spot by TCM (traditional chinese medicine) treatment. I was like stressed and slept little (few hrs) and live by the day with coffee. I notice hairs on my pillow and my hair is thinning but i ignored it. Few months back my hairdresser noticed a 3cm bald spot+adjoining 0.5 cm bald spot on the back of my head. After some research, I decided to seek TCM treatment. I saw 2 chinese physicians, and both told me is related to stress. Every week I was given acupuncture and chinese medicine. Then a smaller 1.5cm developed on the top of head. Meanwhile, I cut away caffeine totally so I can force myself back to 8 hours sleep. I also changed my shampoo to ginger shampoo and that helps, my hair grows quickly. The smaller spots recovered quickly. However, the big spot took 3-4 months to be fully covered and now had white hairs on it. According to the physicians, the scalp was not “fertile” enough for black hair, and advised me to eat more black sesame products to control the white hair. Despite the white hairs, overall, I am happy now. SO PLEASE FIGHT ON, if its “auto-immune”, there must be a trigger e,g. lack of sleep? wrong shampoo? improper diet?
    In TCM theory, its our body losing ying-yang balance, they will seek to restore the balance and use acupuncture to stimulate the hair growth. Good luck to all 🙂

  116. Went to the dermatologist and.he said I have Alopecia Areata, which was devastating because my family Dr. Said I didn’t. So, I had a huge 2cm cyst pimple on my scalp when the inflammation went down my hair fell ojt causing a smooth bald spot with a scar in the middle at the exact same spot where the cystic pimple was. The derm.didn’t really let me explain what I had there and just said you have AA. No.blood work done to cinfirm. What is confusing is one dr says one thing and another dr says another. So I’m totally sleepless and stressed with some anxiety. What should I do? Does it sound like true Areata? Please give me your opinion and advice. Melissa

  117. Thank you for this information I was just diagnosed with scarring alopecia and they want to do the injection; I’m really scared but I had how my hair looks

  118. Hello
    I found a bald spot on the back of my hair almost 2 months ago. When i found it, it was already slowly growing back. I had some stress in the previous months of the accurance of alopecia. I am seeing hair regrowth everday and i did many tests, i have no thyroid but my TPO is very high. My dr says it will grow back but around this spot i am seeing hairloss, like 3 or 4 hair come out at once and some are like exclamation point. Is the hairloss around this spot a sign of more hair loss or its part of the process of hair regrowth from your point of view ?
    I use dermoval gel and take vitamins, i have not noticed more bald patches but the hairs that easily come out around the spot are certainly worrisom.

  119. Hi

    How are you doing now? Did it grow back? I’m experiencing that now and it makes me worried. Also went through a very stressful moment in my life, stopped taking birth control, was not eating properly due to the sadness I was going through. Anyway you get the point, the doc says that is why this happened to me. I’ve tried not to think of it and I have been getting the steroid shots but it seems to be getting wider.

  120. So im almost 12 in a couple of days i will be 12…and i was messing with my hair and noticed something…i have a bald spot and i freaked out its near myleft temple but back and more up…. I dont know if its what i think it is but im worried… Please help me

  121. Hi. I noticed I do have a bald spot it wasn’t as big at first but today Aug 30th I decided to take a video because I was feeling It and it seemed bigger than a few months ago. I was right it’s huge, I cried and it scares me.. I thought all these crazy things it could be. Like cancer, as cancer runs in my family.. but my boyfriend said don’t you lose hair only if your going through treatment for cancer? & I think he’s right.. but after reading all these stories that woman getting bald patches and being diagnosed with alopecia aoerta. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening with me. My bald spot is on the back of my head I first noticed it about 5 months ago maybe longer I’m not really sure…but I left it thinking it was nothing but it’s bigger like huge and scares me. I haven’t made an appointment yet due to being scared to what she’s going to tell me but I am going too and I hope it’s nothing life threatening.. I am only 23 turning 24 so it shocks me to be having this happen. I also noticed my hair thinning out, I have my hair up all the time and thinking that may be why the bald patch appeared.. thank you for your story, it comforted me in a way as I am scared about mine.

  122. I just discovered my first bald spot today. I have flaky skin too and have been noticing a lot of hair fall for the past few months. I’m really worried that I have alopecia since I already have type 1 diabetes, but not sure if it could be ringworm since there are flakes too. The doctor only gave me fungal cream and dandruff shampoo today, and told me not to worry like it was that easy. I’m only 25 years old so I’m having a lot of difficulty dealing with this, especially the wait of not knowing what it could be.

  123. Hey. Great blog, especially the update. I am a guy, 28…found my first patch in late May, just before my Birthday. Yay. Initial blamed my hairdresser, in a joking way. What else could it be?? But then it was 2…one giant patch on the side of my head, and one at the back that is climbing it’s way up. I now have 8-9 patches of varying shapes and sizes. I went to the doctor after 2 months and have betamethasone 1%. Did start to see re-growth after two months? In the white patches that go darker with time. But then noticed all the other patches coming in so it kinda outways the plus side! Woo! Regrowth! oh…there are more ¬_¬

    Anyway, the doctors don’t explain that it can burn, bruise…and generally irritate. I’m finding the worst part to be the unpredictability. Will it all fall out? How long can I keep hiding it? I’m not vain (that’s a lie) but I work in an office environment and see clients. It’s all very stressful! Which ironically can make it worse.

    I’m also now taking vitamin D tablets as blood tests showed a slight deficiency. Apparently this is a major factor in alopecia and may explain your winter periods? Mine may also have been triggered by the death of my son in the months prior, they just don’t know.

    Take care my fellow alopecians!

  124. Thank you for updating! My son seems to have this. A perfect quarter sized bald spot. No redness or scaling. I am taking him to a dermatologist immediately. Losing your hair, make or female,is traumatic and an added stressor which makes the situation worse . Good luck to you.

  125. Wow very informative. I am going to the same thing right now. Started out with stress and then one day I saw a bald spots. They progressively got worse except I lost almost all hair on my head. And going back in it’s place are fine white hairs. Just went to the doctor and he told me the same thing that I had a fungal infection. Which I didn’t believe as I showed no symptoms of ringworm whatsoever. I am now going to go to a dermatologist. What’s disheartening is that my own girlfriend told me I was ugly when it first started. She said quote how can I be turned on by that unquote. Needless to say we’re not together anymore. She could at least show some compassion because she had went through something similar a few years back with losing her hair and she wore a wig for quite a few years. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. Because it’s the exact same thing I’m going through

  126. Hi there.. Im going through the exact same thing.. It does feel like there are little fuzzy hairs in there.. Is this growing back so you think?.. I too have many other patches.. So frustrating.. Causing me to get very panicky and distressed as well as feeling depression setting in.. A vicious cycle.. Also going through the change

  127. I have a similar situation. In August 2016 my hairdresser found 5 small bald spots (there were none just 5 weeks prior to this appointment). I saw a dermatologist immediately, she gave me a topical cream to put on the spots. No response to the cream and more spots appearing. I tried a different dermatologist. She gave me the injections. Shortly after the injections, my hair was coming out at an alarming rate. Now – December 2016 – I am almost completely bald. This blog has given me some hope that I might see re-growth, but I am expecting the worst to happen. I am now seeing a holistic doctor, who has me taking a strong regimen of vitamins and supplements. She has done an extensive amount of blood work and everything appears to be normal. I have another appointment with her in January. She also has me trying to eat gluten and dairy free (in case this has something to do with leaky gut).

    I will try to post later if there is any improvement.

    I have a question for all of you though. When I shave my legs, the hair grows back very slowly. Prior to this I would shave my legs every other day. Now I can go about 2 weeks before shaving again. Did anyone else notice slow hair growth on other parts of their body?

  128. I currently have two bald spots. I am a basketball coach for a university and get made fun of all the time. That doesnt bother me though I realize they are young men and thats just what they do. At first (since its my first season) I would always wear hats because I was embarrassed and ashamed. But as I grew closer to the guys i didnt really care. Especially since they started joking about it, its like, everyone sees it what is there to hide? I actually saw my dermatologist today and she injected me with steroids.I was curious as to what topical cream you used? Mine is called elidel and i do not think it works that well.

    God Bless.

  129. I know you said you don’t maintain this blog and will probably not see this for a while, but I just want to thank you for the post. Because with all the frantic googling I have done since getting bald spots, this is the most peace I have felt reading anything. My experience is very similar to yours up to a certain point (I’ve been getting injections in one large spot on my beard and more spots started to turn up on my scalp) and this post was so helpful to me. I’m going to look into the anthralin, which I actually have not heard of until now. Thanks so much, truly, this has been very embarrassing and frightening for me and this post brought me some comfort – Joe

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