Busy, busy, busy on getting a new life

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been altogether busy building a new life for myself. Sort of on accident really.

First off, I’m trying to get a new job because the one I have right now is making me miserable. I had a really interesting interview at the Library that didn’t pan out so I’m still looking. I have an interview for another one tomorrow that will work out, fingers crossed. Especially since my boss told me today that she wants me to pick an end date of my employment because I’m miserable.

So, moving on from the depressing part into the happy part, of which there is VERY much. My show went up in the Philly Fringe, and everyone loved it. We sold out both of our performances. My parents came up to visit. Everyone I talked to said that it made them feel really strongly and that it clearly conveyed something.

Now that it’s autumn, I’m starting to get back into the swing of the religious stuff. It’s fallen away a bit lately due to all the stress of doing the show and having my parents come to visit, but it’s coming back.

And in the best news of all, Gent and I got engaged a few weeks ago!! I’m extremely excited about it, and now we’re planning an awesome forest wedding in the round! It’s going to be next October. And he picked out the most beautiful ring ever, and I love it.

So now that the show is over and I have a smidge of free time again, I will attempt to get back to making posts of substance. Until then, I’m off creating a brand new life for myself with my fiance, my sister, and hopefully a new job.