Hex Magazine

Just popping in to tell everyone that I just got Issue 8 of Hex Magazine in the mail yesterday, and it includes my essay, “The Gods in Our Bodies: Dance as a Voice of the Heathen Spirit.” And I must say, the layout of my page is beautiful. They picked the prettiest font for my title!

Anyway, as soon as I got the magazine, I sat down and read the whole thing, and it’s chock full of really good essays. I’m excited to try out some of Thistlemoon‘s recipes. the collection dreams and visions that changed people’s lives was inspiring and a really great reminder that this really is a religion and more of us than generally admit it have mystical experiences. Chris Travers’ essay “Creating Community for the Modern World” was thought-provoking. Siegfried Goodfellow’s essay “Heathenism: And Earth-Centered Religion” made me want to go fence off sacred grove. And Henry Lauer’s essay, Therapeutic Ancestor Worship, inspired me to think about heathenry in new, larger ways that really plant the religion in a post-enlightenment world where we are inspired by such thinkers as Jung and Nietzsche. And that’s just some of the fantastic essays and stories gracing the pages of this great magazine.

So go buy yourself a copy! It’s a really good magazine. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with both of the issues I’ve received.