Hanging on to Spring

I remember, early on in my pagan days, when a friend of mine, a Buddhist, was talking about her seasonal diet, and how eating seasonally had made her feel healthier, and more in tune with the earth. At the time, it seemed strange to me.

I feel differently about that now. Early last summer, I saw a man walking on the street eating an apple, and it bothered me that he was eating a fruit out of season when there were so many wonderful fruits in season. It made him feel disconnected to me. Which isn’t to say I never eat foods out of season. I have just found that eating foods in season feels better. I like to eat hot bowls of soup in the winter and fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer.

This isn’t really a post about diet. It’s really about the power of the seasons to give us something to hang on to. I’ve been a bit depressed, as of late, as the seasons feel that they are turning painfully slow and winter will never end and the leaves will never explode with their vibrancy. I am tired of days indoors and layers of clothing. And as I feel trapped by the weather, I’ve been feeling trapped inside myself as well. I feel as if my life right now is a cage keeping me from doing what I want to be and being who I want to be and living the life I want to live. I feel trapped by city living and my low paying job and the leafless trees.

Some of the trees have flowers now, and the leaves are beginning to peek out their greenness here and there.

Spring is a season of renewal and hope. This past weekend, we planted seeds in our garden, to help end the plantslessness of our neighborhood. I will feel so happy once they spring up with their tiny green tendrils. The daffodils are sending up their green shoots everywhere where I hadn’t even hoped they would be, and soon the sun will be shining in the yellow flowers all over the city. The seasons, like life, always go on. When it’s cold and dark, eventually daylight savings and leaves and flowers will come up seemingly out of nowhere, and life will get better.

I love that the seasons give us something so basic and eternal to hang on to. Certain things that follow each other, over and over, no matter what. That cycle makes me feel grounded, makes me feel like there is a sense to the world, makes me feel like Life Goes On.

Sometimes the seasons are surprising, like how I am finding that there are daffodils hidden in the buckets of dirt on people’s front porches, and how suddenly green the grass has become. How very much more beautiful the daffodils are than I remembered. But even these surprises can be counted on. Not only does life go on, but it is filled with surprises.

It’s not yet springtime inside my life, but the burgeoning sunlight and the return of the flowers make me feel like life and joy are coming back to my life where they have been gone for so long. And springtime and Freyja and magic and blessings. So things will get better and my life won’t continue as it is and there will be joy all around. I have missed the sunlight, and I will keep hanging on to the coming of Spring.

2 thoughts on “Hanging on to Spring

  1. I have so missed Spring as well. It’s made me so very glad I planted Daffodils and Crocuses last Fall–seeing the green leaves and beautiful flowers has definitely been nourishment for my soul. I am NOT a winter girl~! I try to eat foods in season too. And I notice that in winter I want more of the pasta-y type stype and then when Spring and Summer come around I just want berries and fruit. Interesting how that is!

  2. I understand your feelings. In fact, even winter, autumn, simply all seasons are enjoyable and beautiful, but not in cities. But I try to remember it’s just because nature has to get a rest and hide from frost, in fact everything is alive, just hidden.
    When it comes to eating, I noticed as well I’m hungry for warm, caloric food in winter and I eat less and less caloric in summer.

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