As you can tell, I’ve changed the look of this blog around a bit. I couldn’t post anything because of the “in search of a dancing heathenry” part anymore. I’ve stopped searching for a dancing heathenry.

It all started pretty much with The Shades of Freyja and my admission therein that I am more a devotee of Freyja than I am a heathen. That brought back up a lot of issues I’ve been having for years about the heathen community not being where I belong, and allowed me to admit to myself that I hold some controversial beliefs. I love the gods, I do, but I’m not a reconstructionist and I see no point in trying to make the movement into something it’s not. And it’s not a place where Freyja is a dancing cat goddess from Egypt.

Anyway, accepting that, for me at least, Freyja is the same goddess as Bast, just like she told me, has been quite freeing. I no longer feel required to do things only if they are historically accurate. I can just trust in the goddess who fills me with that unending joy.

I felt like the title of the blog was making it focused on something it isn’t focused on anymore. It’s not about trying to reconcile reconstructionism with modern dance. It’s about my journey with Freyja, dancing for her. It’s about the joy I find in both dancing and my goddess.

I’ve been doing a “30 days of paganism” thing on dreamwidth that’s been going around, and it’s really helped me to clarify some of the way things have been changing for me. So, I’m going to fix some of them up a bit and post them here, that way everyone can know where I’m at.

So, welcome to the new Flame in Bloom, where I am dancing for Freyja instead of searching for the dance.


3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I find its kind of amazing how freeing and changeable things can get when one simply gets rid of a label, or modifies it. For a long time I didn’t blog as well, because I felt what I had to talk about wasn’t “appropriate” for A) someone considering to be primarily worshipping Dionysos and B) someone who totally knows what she’s doing. While A isn’t necessarily wrong (still trying to figure that out), B was. I got scared of writing about my struggles, when I had already said I was [this type pagan], and I didn’t feel like that anymore. I’m still a night wanderer, just not one (entirely) for Dionysos. It’s a bit liberating, that.

    I wish you good luck on your (newly reformed? 🙂 ) path!

  2. Just catching up on my blog reading…and its sad to read this. Sad because Heathenry really does have so many issues…in the name of reconstructionism some Heathens seem shockingly dedicated to a race to the lowest common denominator of doctrinaire ignorance. Making rules becomes more important that spiritual well-being.

    Your comments invoke for me the reasons for coining the phrase Chaos Heathen as a way out of the dilemma…keeping one foot in Heathen land in order to subvert it back to what it should be (in my infinitely humble experience of course…)!

    • It really is sad how speedily Heathenry seems to be ruining itself, making it not the beautiful religion it could be like how you write about it, but instead into a closed-minded, racist dogmatism devoid of any real spirituality.

      Nevertheless, I am much happier now. I’m still pretty much hanging out with a variety of heathen goddesses–Freyja, Sjofn, Sif, Holda. And it’s good fun and very meaningful. And now I’m finally reading the sagas because I can approach them without all the baggage of how they’re “supposed” to be read and how they’re supposed to be so essential to my religion. I’ve taken away some good things from heathenry, but I no longer feel trapped by its rules. I no longer feel like I have to justify finding Freyja in dance even if it’s not technically historically accurate. I no longer feel like I have to justify my discomfort with war and aggression in a “warrior religion.” I can just follow my own course of knowledge.

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