Babies can dance

Scientists recently finished up a study that shows that dancing is an innate human activity. The study involved playing different sounds for babies–classical music, music with a strong beat, and speech. And they found that the babies danced to the beat on the music, and responded more visibly to the beat of the music than they responded to the speech.

All of the babies danced to some extent or another (this video shows some of the range of the babies’ abilities). The scientists, humorously enough, also got professional ballet dancers to watch the babies as a way to test whether they were dancing on the beat or not.

Well, I can say as a professional dancer that they’re doing pretty darn well. Those babies in the video (with the possible exception of the third one) are quite definitely dancing with the beat. Sure, they’re still babies, so their motor control isn’t the strongest. Their dancing isn’t good, but it’s definitely, definitely dancing.

This fills me with joy and reminds me once again, that where there are humans, there is dancing.

On another note, the daffodils are in full bloom here, and the trees are beginning to unfurl their solar panels to collect energy to grow this summer. And this also fills me with hope and joy–even after this winter, the snowiest in recorded history, one of the coldest, still our hope has been rewarded and the cycles move on. No matter how cold the winter, the daffodils will always bloom, the trees will always let out their green, and the children will always dance.

Photo from the German Federal Archive, found at Wikipedia Commons


One thought on “Babies can dance

  1. This is really interesting, not to mention adorable! I guess we’re programmed to dance! It’s not really that big of a surprise, though. There’s something about a beat that just makes the body want to move.

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