A Worthwhile read

There is a fantastic post today at The Political Pagan about the tendency of American Heathens to believe that being politically conservative is an essential part of being a Heathen.

As a hippie, left-wing, mostly pacifist, I say bravo to Maelstrom for this post. I have many issues with “mainstream heathenry” (is there really such a thing? We’re awfully fringey no matter how you cut the pie), and one of those is the pro-war Viking stereotype. Just because the most famous of our Germanic ancestors were the Vikings does not mean that they are the majority of our ancestors. Most were not warriors. Most were farmers. War and battle were only a part of life, and fighting and claiming to always be right and that we should have no government interference in our lives and that we should all carry guns around isn’t really all that accurately historical. I have no interest whatsoever in being a Viking. I want to be a strong Germanic woman, but that’s no reason for me to want to go attack churches for wealth and fame. That’s no reason I want to strike deadly fear in my adversaries. I’d honestly rather not have adversaries, as unrealistic as that is.

My next post will be about how I feel about the Asatruar and the ultra-conservative Heathens and the “lore thumpers.” But for now, I just wanted to pop in and say “Go read that post. It’s quite good.”


5 thoughts on “A Worthwhile read

  1. There’s a post at the Expanding Inward blog, titled Valhalla I’m Coming! that you might find interesting, as it covers some of these same topics.

    Although I don’t consider myself a hippie, I do follow Njord as my fulltrui … something that definitely casts me into the fringe of Heathenry, and makes me (as you put it), a ‘mostly’ pacifist Heathen šŸ™‚

    I look forward to your next post – I once spent a lot of time moderating at a Heathen board I’ve recently heard described as a place where all the ‘hard core’ Heathens hang out. My time there was mostly well-spent; but I have a feeling we will still be on a similar page when it comes to the topic of lore-thumping šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for linking me to that post, I really liked it.

    I have a very difficult time hanging out on heathen boards. They tend to make me want to quit heathenry. I get sick of hearing I’m wrong for pretty much every opinion I have and watching other people be told they’re wrong all the time, too. But then the gods always show up and I remember why I’m a heathen in the first place.

  3. I’m glad you liked the post, it was no problem at all to point out.

    My opinion of religion is that it’s meant to connect. Connect people to gods, connect people to other people. When people use it to divide, I tend to think they don’t have a firm grasp on the religion they’re abusing – no matter how many different quotes and citations they’ve got stored in their heads. Hanging out in the Heathen board did make me sharper when it came to lore and history; but it did not make me a better Heathen.

  4. You already know I feel exactly the same way.

    I actually find the term lore-thumper amusing, because I do see those Heathens much like the bible-thumping Christians.

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